What functionality does the Native Apps Framework offer?

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What functionality does the Native Apps Framework offer?

Daniel Steinhold Asked question November 24, 2023

The Snowflake Native App Framework provides a comprehensive set of functionalities for developing and deploying data applications within the Snowflake cloud platform. It enables users to create interactive data visualizations, dashboards, and other applications that leverage Snowflake's powerful data warehouse capabilities.

Key functionalities of the Snowflake Native App Framework include:

  • Direct Data Access and Manipulation: Seamlessly access and manipulate data directly from Snowflake's data warehouse, eliminating the need for additional data extraction or transformation.

  • Interactive Data Visualization: Create rich and interactive data visualizations using a variety of chart types, customization options, and data transformation capabilities.

  • Secure Application Development and Deployment: Develop and deploy secure and scalable data applications within the Snowflake cloud environment, ensuring data privacy and integrity.

  • Streamlit Integration: Integrate with Streamlit, a popular Python library for creating interactive web applications, to build data apps with ease.

  • Shared Data Content: Share data content securely with consumers, enabling them to access and utilize the data within their applications.

  • Application Logic and Business Logic: Include business logic, user-defined functions (UDFs), stored procedures, and external functions within the application to enhance its capabilities.

  • Versioning and Patching: Manage application versions and patches to incrementally update and improve functionality without disrupting users.

  • Telemetry and Monitoring: Collect telemetry data, including logs, events, and alerts, to monitor application performance, identify issues, and gain insights into user behavior.

  • Private Listings and Snowflake Marketplace Distribution: Distribute applications privately to specific consumers or publish them on the Snowflake Marketplace for wider distribution.

The Snowflake Native App Framework simplifies data application development and deployment, enabling users to create powerful and interactive tools for data exploration, analysis, and decision-making directly within the Snowflake cloud environment.

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