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What are the usage quotas of Snowflake Cortex?

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What are the usage quotas of Snowflake Cortex?

Daniel Steinhold Asked question April 3, 2024

To ensure everyone gets the best performance, Snowflake limits how much you can use Cortex LLM functions. If you use them too much, your requests might be slowed down. These limits may change over time. The table below shows the current limits per account.


Function (Model) Tokens processed per minute (TPM) Rows processed per minute (RPM)
COMPLETE (mistral-large) 200,000 100
COMPLETE (mixtral-8x7b) 300,000 400
COMPLETE (llama2-70b-chat) 300,000 400
COMPLETE (mistral-7b) 300,000 500
COMPLETE (gemma-7b) 300,000 500
EXTRACT_ANSWER 1,000,000 3,000
SENTIMENT 1,000,000 5,000
SUMMARIZE 300,000 500
TRANSLATE 1,000,000 2,000



On-demand Snowflake accounts without a valid payment method (such as trial accounts) are limited to roughly one credit per day in Snowflake Cortex LLM function usage.

Daniel Steinhold Changed status to publish April 3, 2024
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