What are the limitations of the preview release of the Native Apps Framework?

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What are the limitations of the preview release of the Native Apps Framework?

Daniel Steinhold Asked question November 24, 2023

The preview release of the Snowflake Native App Framework has several limitations that users should be aware of:

  1. Limited Cloud Platform Support: Currently, the Snowflake Native App Framework only supports Snowflake accounts on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Support for Snowflake accounts on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform is not yet available.

  2. Restricted Cross-Cloud Auto-Fulfillment: Cross-Cloud Auto-Fulfillment for Snowflake Native App Framework is not currently supported. Auto-fulfillment for other AWS regions is currently available to select providers.

  3. Government Region Exclusion: Snowflake accounts in government regions are not currently supported by the Native Apps Framework.

  4. Single-Organization VPS Limitations: Virtual Private Snowflake (VPS) is only supported within a single organization.

  5. AUTOINCREMENT Table Restrictions: Tables created using AUTOINCREMENT are not supported in the preview release. Snowflake recommends using sequences instead.

  6. External Data Source Integration: Integration with external data sources, such as APIs or databases, is not yet fully supported.

  7. Limited Application Sharing: Sharing applications with other Snowflake users is currently limited to private listings. Distribution through the Snowflake Marketplace is not yet available.

  8. Limited Telemetry and Monitoring: Telemetry data collection and monitoring capabilities are still under development.

  9. Potential Performance Issues: As with any preview release, performance issues and stability concerns may arise during development and testing.

These limitations are expected to be addressed in future releases of the Snowflake Native App Framework. Users should carefully consider these limitations when deciding whether to adopt the framework for their data application development needs.

Daniel Steinhold Changed status to publish November 24, 2023
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