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What are the future plans for Snowpark?

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What are the future plans for Snowpark?

Daniel Steinhold Asked question September 13, 2023

Snowpark is a rapidly evolving technology, and there are a number of future plans for the platform. Some of the key areas of focus include:

  • Increasing performance: Snowpark is already a very performant platform, but there is always room for improvement. Future plans include optimizing the platform for different types of workloads and making it easier to scale workloads to meet demand.
  • Expanding the API: The Snowpark API is already quite extensive, but there are always new features that can be added. Future plans include adding support for new data types and operations, as well as making the API more user-friendly.
  • Making Snowpark more accessible: Snowpark is currently available in Python, Java, and Scala. Future plans include making Snowpark available in other programming languages, such as R and Julia.
  • Enabling more use cases: Snowpark is currently used for a variety of data processing tasks, such as data exploration, data visualization, and machine learning. Future plans include enabling Snowpark to be used for more use cases, such as real-time streaming and batch processing.
Daniel Steinhold Changed status to publish September 13, 2023

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