What are the benefits of using the Secure Data Sharing feature with multi-tenant data models?

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What are the benefits of using Snowflake's Secure Data Sharing feature in a multi-tenant data model scenario?

Daniel Steinhold Answered question August 24, 2023

Snowflake's Secure Data Sharing feature offers significant benefits in a multi-tenant data model scenario, especially when multiple organizations or business units need to securely share and collaborate on data. Secure Data Sharing enables data providers to share governed and protected data with external data consumers while maintaining data privacy and control. Here are the key benefits of using Snowflake's Secure Data Sharing in a multi-tenant data model:

**1. Simplified Data Sharing:**
Secure Data Sharing simplifies the process of sharing data across organizations or between different business units within the same organization. It eliminates the need for complex data exports and transfers, reducing data duplication and data movement overhead.

**2. Real-Time and Near Real-Time Sharing:**
Data sharing in Snowflake is real-time or near real-time, meaning data consumers can access the latest data from data providers without delays. This ensures data consistency and timeliness in collaborative decision-making.

**3. Secure and Controlled Access:**
Secure Data Sharing ensures data privacy and security. Data providers have full control over the data they share and can enforce access controls and restrictions on who can access the data and what actions they can perform.

**4. Governed Data Sharing:**
Data providers can apply governance policies to the shared data, ensuring that consumers adhere to the data usage policies, data retention rules, and compliance requirements set by the data providers.

**5. Scalability and Performance:**
Snowflake's architecture allows for scalable and performant data sharing. Data consumers can access shared data seamlessly, without impacting the performance or scalability of the data providers' systems.

**6. Cost-Effective Collaboration:**
Secure Data Sharing reduces data redundancy and eliminates the need for creating and maintaining separate data silos. This results in cost savings for both data providers and data consumers, as they share the same data rather than replicating it.

**7. Collaborative Analytics:**
Data consumers can perform analytics and run queries on shared data directly within their own Snowflake accounts. This enables collaborative analysis without exposing sensitive data or requiring direct access to the data provider's infrastructure.

**8. No Data Movement Overhead:**
Data sharing in Snowflake is non-disruptive. Data consumers can query the shared data without physically moving or replicating the data. This reduces data movement overhead and ensures data consistency across all users.

**9. Adaptable Data Sharing:**
Data providers can share specific subsets of data with different data consumers based on their access needs. Snowflake's Secure Data Sharing supports sharing granular data sets, including tables, views, and even secure views with restricted data access.

**10. Cross-Cloud Data Sharing:**
Secure Data Sharing is cloud-agnostic, allowing data sharing between different cloud providers or regions. This enables collaboration between organizations using different cloud platforms without data migration.

In a multi-tenant data model scenario, where different organizations or business units coexist within the same Snowflake environment, Secure Data Sharing enables seamless and secure collaboration on data. It fosters data-driven decision-making, enhances data governance, and promotes data privacy while simplifying data sharing processes and reducing data redundancy. This feature is one of the key reasons why Snowflake is a preferred choice for multi-tenant data models and data sharing use cases.

Daniel Steinhold Answered question August 24, 2023
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