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What are the benefits of using Snowflake’s data sharing feature?

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What are the benefits of using Snowflake's data sharing feature?

Daniel Steinhold Answered question May 1, 2024

Snowflake's data sharing feature offers several advantages for both data providers and consumers:

Simplified collaboration: Sharing data becomes effortless. Eliminate the need for manual transfers, emails, or shared drives. Data consumers can access live data directly within their Snowflake account. 

Security and governance: Data remains secure within the provider's account. Snowflake facilitates access control with granular permissions, ensuring only authorized users can see the shared data. 

Reduced costs: There's no need to set up and maintain complex data pipelines. Data providers pay only for storage and compute they use, while consumers pay for the resources used to query the shared data. 

Improved data quality and efficiency: Consumers can directly query the live data, reducing the need for transformations and ensuring they're working with the most up-to-date information. 

Scalability: Snowflake's architecture allows for an unlimited number of data shares. Sharing data with multiple consumers becomes effortless. 

New business opportunities: Data providers can share data publicly on the Snowflake Marketplace or even charge for access, creating new revenue streams.

Daniel Steinhold Answered question May 1, 2024
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