Warehouse considerations

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Warehouse considerations

Alejandro Penzini Answered question December 19, 2023

1. Introduction:

This guide presents general best practices for leveraging virtual warehouses in Snowflake for efficient query processing. It refrains from absolute recommendations as optimal configurations depend on diverse factors, including:

- User/query concurrency
- Number of accessed tables
- Data size and structure
- Specific needs for availability, latency, and cost

Warehouse considerations for data loading are addressed in a separate topic (see sidebar).

2. Key Principles:

Experimentation: Execute diverse queries on various warehouse sizes to identify your ideal setups for specific workloads.
Size Flexibility: Prioritize efficient resource utilization over constant warehouse sizing. Snowflake's per-second billing allows suspending larger warehouses (Large, X-Large, etc.) during inactivity, minimizing cost.

3. Conclusion:

By implementing these principles, you can optimize warehouse usage and achieve cost-effective, high-performance query processing in Snowflake.

Note: These guidelines encompass both standard single-cluster warehouses and the advanced multi-cluster warehouses offered in Snowflake Enterprise edition.

Alejandro Penzini Answered question December 19, 2023

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