Upgrading to Snowsight


Upgrading to Snowsight:

Alejandro Penzini Answered question December 14, 2023

About Snowsight:

Snowsight introduces enhanced and expanded functionality within the user interface, encompassing the following:

1. Granular usage views for effective cost governance.
2. One-click capability to enable database replication to other regions.
3. Comprehensive management of users, accounts, and privileges.
4. Worksheet organization through folders.
5. Autocomplete feature for database objects and SQL functions in worksheets.
6. Dashboards equipped with built-in visualizations.
7. Collaboration and sharing functionalities for worksheets and dashboards.
8. Improved data sharing capabilities, including sharing with other accounts or publicly on the Snowflake Marketplace through listings.

It's noteworthy that no significant new features have been introduced in the Classic Console since April 2022.

Snowsight is Set as the Default for an Account:

When Snowsight is designated as the default interface for an account, individual users lose the ability to set a default web interface within their user profiles. Despite this, all users maintain access to the Classic Console after logging in to Snowsight.

Please note:

As part of behavior change bundle 2023_08, customers with a Capacity commitment have the option to enable the bundle, setting Snowsight as the web interface for their account.

For additional information regarding the impact of this change, refer to Snowsight: Default interface for all users in Standard Edition accounts (Pending).

To understand more about the behavior change bundle process, consult About Behavior Changes.

You Can Choose the Default Web Interface for Your User Profile:

If Snowsight isn't the default web interface for all users in your account, you have the option to designate it as the default for your user profile:

1. Log in to Snowsight.

2. Click on your username and choose "Profile."

3. Under "Default Experience," opt for Snowsight.

4. In case the option to choose a default experience isn't visible, it's likely that your default web interface is set at the account level. Refer to "Snowsight is Set as the Default for an Account."

5. Click "Save."

Once you've set Snowsight as the default for your user profile, you can still access the Classic Console if necessary by using the Classic Console option in the menu.

Please be aware:

Due to modifications introduced in behavior change bundle 2023_04, every new user added to a Snowflake organization will have Snowsight configured as the default experience for their user profile. Further details can be found in the document Snowsight: Default Interface for New Users.

Alejandro Penzini Edited answer December 14, 2023

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