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Trying Query Acceleration (On Snowflake)

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Trying Query Acceleration (On Snowflake)

Alejandro Penzini Answered question December 21, 2023

Turbocharge Your Queries: Unleashing Snowflake's Query Acceleration Service
Feeling the drag of slow queries? Snowflake's Query Acceleration Service is here to the rescue! This guide equips warehouse owners and administrators with the power to identify performance bottlenecks and unleash the service's potential for a speed boost.

How it Works:

Imagine offloading parts of your heavy query processing to a team of tireless helpers - that's Query Acceleration in action! It taps into serverless compute resources, freeing up your warehouse and accelerating your queries while reducing their resource demands.

Targeting the Big Spenders:

Think outlier queries hogging resources and slowing down everyone else? Query Acceleration can be their kryptonite! By offloading their demands, it smooths out performance for all your warehouse's queries.

Perfect for:

Ad hoc analytics: Dive into data spontaneously without sacrificing speed.
Unpredictable data volumes: No worries about query size fluctuations, Acceleration adapts on the fly.
Large scans with selective filters: Let Acceleration handle the heavy lifting for efficient results.
Finding Acceleration-Worthy Queries:

- We've got the tools to pinpoint candidates for a performance boost!

- SYSTEM$ESTIMATE_QUERY_ACCELERATION: This handy function checks if specific queries are ripe for Acceleration. Just feed it a query ID and get a verdict.

- Diagnostic Queries:

Best query candidates across warehouses: Find queries across your entire environment with the most Acceleration potential.
Best warehouse candidates by execution time: Discover warehouses whose overall workloads can benefit most from the service.
Best warehouse candidates by number of queries: Zero in on warehouses with the highest concentration of Acceleration-worthy queries.
Cost Considerations:

Serverless compute resources used by Acceleration come with separate credit charges. But there's good news!

Cost-effective for mixed workloads: If your warehouse handles a mix of queries, only those benefiting from Acceleration incur the extra cost.
Scale factor for cost control: Set a limit on serverless compute usage by adjusting the warehouse's scale factor. Lower factor, lower cost.
Maximize performance without limits: For pure speed, set the scale factor to 0 and let Acceleration rip!
Enabling Acceleration:

Ready to empower your queries? Simply use the ALTER WAREHOUSE command with the right settings:


By harnessing the power of Query Acceleration, you'll experience faster, smoother performance across your Snowflake queries, empowering data-driven insights at lightning speed. Remember, with the right knowledge and tools, you can transform your Snowflake warehouse into a performance powerhouse!

Alejandro Penzini Answered question December 21, 2023

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