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Sharing an Application with Consumers

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Sharing an Application with Consumers:

Alejandro Penzini Answered question December 12, 2023

Accessible to accounts in all AWS regions outside of government instances. For information on support for other cloud platforms, please reach out to your Snowflake representative.

Following the development and testing of the application package containing your application, you can make the application available to consumers through listings.

As a provider, you incorporate an application package as the data content of a listing. Subsequently, consumers install the application in their account directly from the listing.

Set Up Roles and Privileges:

When initiating the creation of a listing, it must be done from the account containing the data or application package. The role responsible for attaching a data product to a listing and publishing the listing should align with the role that initially created and owns the application package or share. The transfer of the OWNERSHIP privilege for a share is not supported.

In cases where a different role is used to create and manage the listing, it is advisable to grant the MODIFY privilege on the listing to the role that possesses ownership of the application package or share. For instance:

Role of the share or application package owner:

OWNERSHIP privilege on the share or application package.
MODIFY privilege on the listing.

Prerequisites for Publishing a Listing for an Application Package

Prior to generating a listing for an application package, make sure to accomplish the following:

Develop and thoroughly test your application package.
Before publishing, verify the correct functionality of your application package and ensure that roles and privileges are appropriately configured.
To streamline the process of sharing applications from your account to other Snowflake accounts, it is recommended to become a provider of listings in Snowflake. Refer to the guide on Becoming a Provider of Listings for details.

Note: Creating a provider profile is not mandatory for private listings.

Alejandro Penzini Answered question December 12, 2023

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