Reducing Queues (Snowflake)

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Reducing Queues (Snowflake)

Alejandro Penzini Answered question December 20, 2023

Conquering Query Queues: Strategies for Smoother Snowflake Performance

Ever noticed your Snowflake queries lagging? Queues could be the culprit! This guide empowers warehouse owners and administrators to identify and vanquish queuing, ensuring swift, satisfying query performance.

Understanding Queues:

Too many queries bombarding a warehouse at once create a resource shortage, sending subsequent queries into a waiting line. Imagine your data insights stuck in traffic! The longer the queue, the longer you wait for results.

Finding Queuey Warehouses:


Access Snowsight, navigate to Admin > Warehouses, and select your warehouse.
Check the Warehouse Activity chart. Use the "Queued load" color to spot queues and analyze bar height patterns for usage spikes.


Use the provided "Warehouses with queueing" query to list queueing warehouses from the past month.
Explore the QUERY_HISTORY view to calculate individual query queuing times.

Slaying the Queue Beast:

Regular Warehouses:

Create more warehouses and distribute queries amongst them. Focus on moving resource-hungry queries.
Multi-cluster Warehouses (Enterprise Edition only):

Convert your warehouse to a multi-cluster one for automatic resource scaling during demand spikes.
If already using multi-cluster, increase the maximum cluster count.
Cost Matters:

Understand multi-cluster credit consumption in the linked resource.
Use a scaling policy for cost control in Auto-scale mode. The Economy policy, prioritizing budget over elasticity, might cause queueing and slower queries.

Configuring your Queueless Future:

Regular Warehouses:

Create new warehouses in Snowsight's Admin > Warehouses section or via the CREATE WAREHOUSE command.

Multi-cluster Warehouses:

- Access Admin > Warehouses, select your warehouse, and click … > Edit.
- Enable the Multi-cluster Warehouse option (upgrade to Enterprise Edition if unavailable).
- Adjust the maximum cluster count using the Max Clusters drop-down.

By implementing these strategies, you'll unleash Snowflake's performance potential, leaving queues and sluggish queries in the dust. Remember, a smoothly running warehouse is a happy warehouse, and happy warehouses deliver data insights at warp speed!

Alejandro Penzini Answered question December 20, 2023

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