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Increasing Warehouse Size

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Increasing Warehouse Size

Alejandro Penzini Answered question December 21, 2023

Size Up Your Queries: Choosing the Right Warehouse for Peak Performance

Ever feel like your Snowflake queries are stuck in traffic? A cramped warehouse might be the culprit! This guide empowers you to navigate the world of warehouse sizes, ensuring your queries zoom forward with optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

Bigger is Better (Sometimes):

The more compute resources a warehouse boasts, the faster it crunches through complex queries. Simply upsizing your warehouse can be a quick fix, but remember, bigger comes with a bigger price tag.

Targeting Big Spenders:

Not all queries benefit equally from an upgrade. Large, complex ones see the biggest performance boost, while smaller, simpler ones might not even notice a difference.

Load Check:

Before resizing, check the warehouse's current load (ratio of execution time to total time). If it's high, increasing size might not have the desired impact. Low load, however, indicates prime territory for a performance upgrade.

Cost Considerations:

Remember, bigger warehouses eat more credits! We've included a handy table comparing credit consumption across different sizes. For short-running queries, the cost of a larger warehouse might be offset by faster execution.

Size Wisely:

Limit who can adjust warehouse size. Unchecked resizing can lead to unexpected costs. Best practice: empower with responsibility!

Resizing Made Easy:


- Navigate to Admin > Warehouses.
- Select your warehouse and click … > Edit.
- Choose your new size from the Size drop-down.
- Click Save Warehouse.


Use the ALTER WAREHOUSE command, specifying the new size. For example:


Remember: Choosing the right warehouse size is a balancing act. Weigh performance gains against increased costs and target your upgrades for maximum impact. By following these tips, you'll ensure your Snowflake queries run at peak efficiency, delivering insights faster and keeping your budget happy.

Alejandro Penzini Answered question December 21, 2023

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