How does Snowflake Snowpark work?

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How does Snowflake Snowpark work?

Daniel Steinhold Asked question March 24, 2024

Snowflake's Snowpark is a developer framework designed to streamline complex data pipeline creation. It allows developers to interact with Snowflake directly, processing data without needing to move it first.

Here's a breakdown of how Snowpark works:

Supported Languages: Snowpark offers libraries for Java, Python, and Scala. These libraries provide a DataFrame API similar to Spark, enabling familiar data manipulation techniques for developers.

In-Snowflake Processing: Snowpark executes code within the Snowflake environment, leveraging Snowflake's elastic and serverless compute engine. This eliminates the need to move data to separate processing systems like Databricks.

Lazy Execution: Snowpark operations are lazy by default. This means data transformations are delayed until the latest possible point in the pipeline, allowing for batching and reducing data transfer between your application and Snowflake.

Custom Code Execution: Snowpark enables developers to create User-Defined Functions (UDFs) and stored procedures using their preferred languages. Snowpark then pushes this custom code to Snowflake for execution on the server-side, directly on the data.

Security and Governance: Snowpark prioritizes data security. Code execution happens within the secure Snowflake environment, with full administrative control. This ensures data remains protected from external threats and internal mishaps.

Overall, Snowpark simplifies data processing in Snowflake by allowing developers to use familiar languages, process data in-place, and leverage Snowflake's secure and scalable compute engine.

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