How do I share data with other Snowflake accounts in Snowsight?

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How do I share data with other Snowflake accounts in Snowsight?

Daniel Steinhold Asked question October 27, 2023

To share data with other Snowflake accounts in Snowsight, you typically need to follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the Data: Ensure that the data you want to share is stored in Snowflake, and it's organized in a way that makes it accessible and shareable. This typically involves creating tables and views in your Snowflake account.
  2. Grant Permissions:
    • In your Snowflake account, you need to grant appropriate permissions to the other Snowflake account(s) or users with whom you want to share the data. You can do this by using Snowflake's access control mechanisms.
    • Grant SELECT privileges to the other accounts or users on the tables or views containing the data you want to share.
  3. Access Snowsight: Log in to Snowsight with your Snowflake credentials.
  4. Connect to Snowflake Account:
    • In Snowsight, connect to your Snowflake account.
    • When configuring the connection, make sure you use the appropriate credentials and select the Snowflake account where the data you want to share is located.
  5. Query the Shared Data:
    • Once you've connected to the relevant Snowflake account, you can query the shared data using SQL queries within Snowsight.
  6. Share the Results:
    • After running your queries in Snowsight, you can share the results with others in your organization or the target Snowflake accounts.
    • You can export query results as CSV, Excel, or other compatible formats and share these files with the relevant parties.
    • If the data in Snowflake is accessible to the target accounts, they can also connect to Snowflake from their Snowsight accounts and query the data directly, provided they have the necessary permissions.
  7. Collaborate and Discuss: Snowsight allows you to collaborate with others by sharing query results and insights. You can discuss the data and findings within Snowsight itself or by using other collaboration tools.

Please note that the specific process for sharing data with other Snowflake accounts may vary based on your organization's setup and the access control policies in place. Snowflake provides a robust and flexible access control system that allows you to manage data sharing securely.

For the most up-to-date and detailed instructions on sharing data with other Snowflake accounts and any features introduced in Snowsight since my last knowledge update, I recommend referring to the official Snowflake documentation or contacting Snowflake support for specific guidance tailored to your organization's requirements.

Daniel Steinhold Changed status to publish October 27, 2023

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