How do I access and browse the Snowflake Marketplace within my Snowflake account?


How do I access and browse the Snowflake Marketplace within my Snowflake account?

Alejandro Penzini Answered question November 8, 2023

To access and browse the Snowflake Marketplace within your Snowflake account, follow these steps:

Log In to Your Snowflake Account:
Visit the Snowflake web interface and log in using your credentials.
Navigate to the Snowflake Marketplace:
Once logged in, you will see the Snowflake web interface. Look for a tab or option that provides access to the Snowflake Marketplace. This may be labeled as "Marketplace," "Discover," or something similar.
Browse Listings:
Upon entering the Snowflake Marketplace, you can browse through the listings of data applications and services available. These listings may be categorized, making it easier to find specific solutions.
Search for Applications:
You can use the search functionality to find specific data applications, services, or data sets. Use keywords or filters to narrow down your search.
View Application Details:
Click on a specific listing to view more details about the application or service. This typically includes a description, pricing information, and a link to learn more or get started.
Access or Install:
Some applications may offer a "Get Started" or "Install" button. Click on this button to initiate the installation or access process. You may need to follow additional steps to integrate the application with your Snowflake account.
Review Pricing and Licensing:
Pay attention to the pricing and licensing details for the application. Some may offer free trials, while others may have subscription-based or usage-based pricing.
Manage Installed Applications:
In your Snowflake account, there may be a section where you can manage and view the applications you've installed or accessed from the marketplace.
Get Support and Documentation:
Look for documentation, user guides, and support resources related to the application you've installed. This can help you get started and use the application effectively.
Explore Data Sets (if available):
If you're interested in data sets, you can access and explore available datasets, often with options to subscribe or purchase them.
Manage Your Marketplace Account:
Depending on your role and permissions, you may be able to manage access to the Snowflake Marketplace for other users in your organization.
The specific steps and features within the Snowflake Marketplace may vary, so it's a good practice to refer to the most up-to-date documentation provided by Snowflake for detailed instructions and information on accessing and using the marketplace.

Alejandro Penzini Answered question November 8, 2023
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