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How can you address a “Warehouse is suspended” error in Snowflake and resume normal processing?

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How can you address a "Warehouse is suspended" error in Snowflake and resume normal processing?

Daniel Steinhold Answered question August 16, 2023

When you encounter a "Warehouse is suspended" error in Snowflake, it means that the virtual warehouse you're trying to use is currently in a suspended state. A suspended warehouse does not process queries and is effectively paused. To address this error and resume normal processing, follow these steps:

1. **Identify the Suspended Warehouse**:
- Check the error message or query history to determine which virtual warehouse is suspended.
2. **Verify the Reason for Suspension**:
- The error message might provide some information about why the warehouse was suspended. Common reasons include resource constraints, scaling limits, or administrative actions.
3. **Review Warehouse Activity and Queries**:
- Look at the query history and recent activity for the warehouse. Identify any resource-intensive queries that may have led to the suspension.
4. **Unsuspend the Warehouse**:
- If the suspension was not intentional and you want to resume processing, you can unsuspend the warehouse using the following steps:
- In the Snowflake web interface, navigate to the "Warehouses" tab.
- Locate the suspended warehouse, select it, and click the "Resume" button.
- Alternatively, you can use SQL commands to unsuspend a warehouse:

sqlCopy code


5. **Monitor and Optimize**:
- Once the warehouse is unsuspended, monitor its activity and performance. Consider optimizing queries or adjusting warehouse settings to prevent future suspensions.
6. **Resource Management**:
- If the warehouse is repeatedly getting suspended due to resource constraints, you may need to adjust the warehouse size or enable concurrency scaling to better handle the workload.
7. **Identify and Address Query Issues**:
- Review the queries that caused the warehouse suspension. Optimize or refactor these queries to improve their performance and resource consumption.
8. **Consider Query Queues**:
- If you have Snowflake Enterprise Edition, consider using query queues to prioritize and manage query workloads to prevent warehouses from becoming overloaded.
9. **Contact Snowflake Support**:
- If you're unable to determine the cause of the suspension or need assistance with optimizing queries, you can contact Snowflake support for guidance.

Remember that warehouse suspensions are often a result of resource limitations and performance considerations. Regularly monitoring your workloads, optimizing queries, and adjusting warehouse settings can help prevent suspensions and ensure smooth processing in Snowflake.

Daniel Steinhold Answered question August 16, 2023
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