Connecting with a Snowflake Partner

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Connecting with a Snowflake Partner:

Alejandro Penzini Answered question December 14, 2023

To set up a trial account with any Snowflake partner currently available in Partner Connect, follow these steps:

1. Log in to either Snowsight or the Classic Console.

2. Activate the ACCOUNTADMIN role in the interface:

- In either interface, click the dropdown menu next to your login name.
- Choose "Switch Role » ACCOUNTADMIN" to switch to the account administrator role.

3. Access the Partner Connect page:

- For Snowsight, select "Admin » Partner Connect." This opens the Partner Connect page.
- In the Classic Console, click on the "Partner Connect" tab, and the Snowflake Partner Connect page opens.

4. Click on the corresponding tile for the partner you want to connect with.

A dialog will appear, displaying the requirements for connecting to the partner and a list of objects automatically created in Snowflake during the connection process. This includes an empty database, warehouse, default user, and custom role. These objects are utilized by the partner application when interacting with your account.

5. Optionally, specify one or more existing databases in Snowflake to automatically use with the trial. This action creates an additional custom role, making existing data in Snowflake quickly available to the partner application.

If you don't specify databases during the initial connection, you can do so later, but it will be a manual task.

Important Note: The Classic Console does not currently support specifying shared databases (databases shared from provider accounts to your account) for your Partner Connect trial during the initial connection process. If you choose a shared database, the Classic Console will return an error when you click the Connect button to complete the process.

To use shared databases with a trial:

- Utilize Snowsight to finish the initial connection process.
- Manually specify the shared database after the process completes.

6. Click the Connect button below the partner description to initiate the creation of a trial account with the partner and connect the partner application to Snowflake.

Once the process is complete and the objects are created, the partner tile will be updated with a checkmark.

Alejandro Penzini Answered question December 14, 2023
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