Querying Multiple Databases in Snowflake

Querying Multiple Databases in Snowflake

If you’ve ever tried performing a query against multiple databases, and particularly with Microsoft SQL (although there’s no shortage of similar alternatives), than you likely already know just how painfully difficult this seemingly straightforward kind of query can be!

With Snowflake, it couldn’t be easier. Whereas most competing database platforms make it impossible to combine data from physically/logically disparate databases using a single query

(without some 3rd party ETL or lengthy integration, such as with Linked Server, when using Microsoft SQL), Snowflake allows you to do all of this seamlessly.

Typically, even after going through all the time-consuming configuration required for a Linked Server, you still have a limitation in the amount of time needed for the query to actually execute, since with Linked Server, your query will necessitate the uploading of both tables in their entirety just to run, which could take a very long time indeed. Using disparate databases within a Snowflake account eliminates this pre-fetch requirement, as both databases are already integrated. What’s more, you can even copy data between databases using just one simple statement, with no lengthy, additional preparation at all!

Have a look at this short video demonstration showing just how easy this otherwise arduous process really is, using Snowflake!

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