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Presentation Description:

Join Christian Kleinerman, Snowflake’s SVP of Product, to learn about the newest capabilities Snowflake is bringing to market. See demos showing how Snowflake is innovating in the areas of performance, extensible data pipelines, governance and security, and content in the Data Cloud.

Presentation Track: Headline
Presentation Date: November 29, 2020
Frank’s Comment: Kleinerman usually has good announcements and he does get energetic in his presentations. He also blew me off when I tried to connect with him 2 years ago so I’m skipping this and having someone else watch it. I’m sure it will at least be okay. He usually

Overview ITS:

In this session we see the newest capabilities Snowflake is bringing to the market. With regards to extensible data pipelines, Snowflake is enabling teams to leverage services that live outside of Snowflake, enabling creation of function in SQL, JAVA, SCALA, and Python, and introducing Snowpark, a family of libraries which will enable you to write code to optimize and leverage the Snowflake engine. WIth regards to Data governance, Snowflake is eliminating silos and using row level security to protect and govern your data all in one place. The single platform to operate all data needs makes business possible without hefty costs and complexity.
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