Maximizing Your Superhero Journey

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Presentation Description:

Data Superheroes Randy Pitcher II and Sonny Rivera will describe the Community tools and programs that have helped them on their Data Superhero journeys, highlighting opportunities for connection, collaboration, and career growth.

Presentation Track: Mobilizing Your Data with Our Data Superheroes
Presentation Date: November 29, 2020
Presentation Speaker(s): Randy Pitcher II and Sonny Rivera
Frank’s Comment: I hate to complement semi-competitors like Randy but he is the real deal. Both Sonny and him are fantastic Data Heroes. I am one too but honestly they contribute more than I did before this Agenda Take – ha ha ha. If you want more info on community tools

Overview ITS:

In this session we listen to two Data Superheroes talk about tools and programs that have helped them along their journey. The tools and resources highlighted are Snowflake, Sigma, and the Snowflake certification.
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