Joining the Data Cloud

Joining The Data Cloud Session

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Presentation Description:

Join executives from Allianz Benelux and Emirates and to hear why their organizations are joining the Data Cloud. The Data Cloud is transforming companies across financial services, transportation, and other industries. As leaders develop strategies to support the next 3-5 years of innovation, the Data Cloud is becoming a critical enabler for the success of their enterprises. Learn how these companies are seizing the opportunity with Snowflake, and see the broader impact Snowflake’s cloud data platform is having on their organizations.

Presentation Track: Unlock The Value of the Data Cloud
Presentation Date: November 29, 2020
Presentation Speaker(s): Ali Tierney, Jan Doumen, and Naveed Memon
Frank’s Comment: In June 2019 I gave a presentation at the ***very end of the Snowflake Summit. I thought it wouldn’t have anyone and thought I was screwed by the timeslot. I helped get Emirates actually interested but as a partner you don’t get credit for this unless you

Overview ITS:

In this discussion, the speakers touch on how the Data Cloud is becoming a critical enabler for the success of various enterprises. With Snowflake, the presenters state that now more than anything with the reliance of data being high, moving to the cloud is a matter of survival of the fittest, for those who do not adapt to make better business decisions will fall behind in the world of data. The presenters also touch on what they directly benefit from the most in using Snowflake, as well as the process of moving to the Data Cloud platform.
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