Getting Data Into the Right Hands: Your Business and Your Clients

Getting Data Into The Right Hands Session

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Presentation Description:

The value to your business and to your customers should drive the move to the cloud. How do you align your migration approach to providing immediate value to your business? How do you provide value to your customers with your (their) data? In this session, we’ll discuss how Accenture helped two of our clients do just that by leveraging The Data Cloud to provide value to their business quickly and enable their customers.

Presentation Track: Migrating to Snowflake
Presentation Date: November 29, 2020
Presentation Speaker(s): Ali Sajanlal
Frank’s Comment: Okay. I’m very biased because I have worked with Ali. I try my hardest to be the top Snowflak SME outside of Snowflake but this guy gives me a serious running for my money. The reality is no one knows everything so he is much stronger than me in some area

Overview ITS:

In this session the main focus is how leveraging the Data Cloud can provide value to your business quickly and enable your customers. The speaker explains that the most important thing is to enable your business as soon as possible, first by enabling consumption to leverage the power of the Data Cloud immediately, then to enable data sharing for your clients. Once data is available in the data cloud, sharing and monetizing data can be set up quickly.
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