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Every App Is Data Session

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Presentation Description:

As the volume of data being created grows exponentially, applications increasingly need to collect, analyze, and operate on massive volumes of data. The result is that every app is becoming a data app. Join Chris Child, Snowflake’s Director of Product, as he leads a panel of key technical leaders. You will learn where data applications are going, hear insights and best practices for building these apps, and find out why so many developers choose Snowflake to power applications.

Presentation Track: Build Data Apps and Data Products
Presentation Date: November 29, 2020
Presentation Speaker(s): Kevin McGinley, Chris Child, and Bill Waddington
Frank’s Comment: I don’t know Allison well but I’ve heard her speak a few times. She is good. She also is one of the founding engineers on Snowflake. Its hard to tell who were the real amazing engineers back then in 2015/etc. but I’m sure she was one of them. I’m going to

Overview ITS:

In this session we will learn where data applications are headed as the volume of data being created grows exponentially. The Panelists explain why snowflake is the best platform for data apps, highlighting its scalability, streamlined data pipeline, and its easy-to-use service that removes the burden off the developer.
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