Frank’s Future of Data Series

The Future of Data Automation Series – External

Author:  Frank Bell

We at ITS Snowflake Solutions have been working with Snowflake since the beginning of 2018 and it has been one of the most fun and scaleable data solutions we have worked with.  For me personally, I have worked as a data engineer, data architect, data analyst, entrepreneur, project manager (building data related solutions) and data thought leader since the 90s.  Snowflake has been one of the few technologies that has truly changed how data processing and data value creation work.

Getting Started on the Future of Data Automation.

The Future of Data Collaboration.  This in-depth article covers how data collaboration has been rapidly changing and what the future looks like.

We cover what is our current AUTOMATED Modern Data Stack.  We explain our initial foundation of an “Automated” Modern Data Stack.  The key word here is automated.  There are other parts of our modern data stack but we focus on our core 5 automated foundational tools we use.  These tools/services make a MASSIVE step forward in removing friction from data processing.  They improve the speed and accuracy of going from raw data to value.

Are you coming from a Data Warehousing Background?  Understand how Data Warehousing has completely evolved.

Data to Value Series. We cover the

Do you want to understand what the Data Cloud stuff really means?

We explain, what the snowflake data cloud really is in depth.


The Future of Data Automation Series and Secrets – Accessible to ITS Snowflake Solutions members.

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