Infrastructure Data Atlas

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Data Share Description:

Infrastructure Data Atlas

Data Share Frequency: Daily
Data Share Category: Transportation
Data Share Type: Open
Data Share Date Added: March 1, 2021
Data Share Status: ACTIVE
Data Share Email Contact:
Data Share Usage Example Q1: What is the road density in the United States over time? SELECT * FROM “INFRASTRUCTURE”.”ITF_INDICATORS” WHERE “Country Name” = ‘United States’ AND “Indicator Name” = ‘Density of Road (Km Per One Hundred Sq. Km)’ ORDER BY “Date”
Data Share Usage Example SQL1 Last Tested: January 1, 1970

Data Share Overview:

The Infrastructure Data Atlas offers a variety of datasets to analyze the infrastructure developments in different countries. The collection includes such indicators as an investment, maintenance cost, unit costs, financing, and physical parameters of transport, storage, energy, water, sewage, and ICT infrastructure objects. Topics covered: – Transport and storage infrastructure (railways, roads, waterways, pipeline transport, ports, airports) – ICT infrastructure (fixed-line and mobile cellular subscriptions, broadband subscriptions) – Energy infrastructure (electricity networks) – Water and sewerage (treatment plants, water utility, irrigation) – Waste management (waste collection and processing) Datasets include: – World Bank Private Participation in Infrastructure – Eurostat Investment and Maintenance in Oil Pipeline Infrastructure – ITU Global ICT Developments – UNECE Pipelines Operated by Length and Carrying Capacity for Transportation – Eurostat Airport Infrastructures by Type – 30+ others Please see reference table INFRASTRUCTURE_DATASETS that includes the list of all tables/datasets included in this listing, with key details on each table/dataset including name, source, frequency of refresh, source, documentation on data, etc. Fields include: – Road density – Length of railway lines – Investment in infrastructure – Development assistance in infrastructure – Unit costs of infrastructure objects – Infrastructure financing – Maintenance costs Sources include the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), World Bank, Eurostat, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Datasets are updated within 1-7 days of the most recent data being made available by the underlying reporter. More detail on each of the datasets, fields, and sources included in the share can be found at the link in our documentation. Use cases – Developing market entry strategies and assessing market potential – Estimating potential economic growth rate in developing countries

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