iGO® – Electronic Insurance Application Data

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Data Share Description:

iGO® – Electronic Insurance Application Data

Data Share Frequency: Near Real-time
Data Share Category: Financial
Data Share Type: Personalized
Data Share Date Added: February 1, 2021
Data Share Status: ACTIVE
Data Share Usage Example Q1: Applications that Started But Did Not Submit by Agent View applications over the last 30 days that started, but did not get submitted, along with their details, by agent. SELECT LOGONID,COUNT(CLIENTID) from “IGO_ILLUSTRATIONS_MARKETPLACE”.”PUBLIC”.”APPL
Data Share Usage Example SQL1 Last Tested: January 1, 1970

Data Share Overview:

Access to all your Life Insurance in Good Order (iGO®) Electronic Application Data, in near-real time, on a rolling 3-year basis. iGO® assures the accurate collection of data from insurance applicants. iGO® incorporates carrier logic into a clean, user-friendly interface to eliminate errors, positively impacting cycle times and placement ratios. Now, Snowflake customers can access their iGO® data directly in their Snowflake account. Samples/Tables Included: – Submitted eApps for reconciliation – Proposed insured and agent data – eApp details including client ID, face amount, premium…etc. Fields Included: – App start date – App lock date – App submit date – Distributor – Carrier – Product – State – Original mode of application – Signature method – Application type – Illustration used – Face amount – Premium – Proposed insured information…etc. Example Use Cases: – Track applications from start all the way to submit in near-real time – Create analytics on the eApp life insurance such as eApp conversion ratios – Self-serve (i.e. ingest into your own applications) – Integrate into your own CRM – Gain visibility into your lines of business – Support your agents in near-real time – Combine data with your other datasets

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