Electricity Data Atlas

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Data Share Description:

Electricity Data Atlas

Data Share Frequency: Daily
Data Share Category: Energy
Data Share Type: Open
Data Share Date Added: January 1, 2021
Data Share Status: ACTIVE
Data Share Email Contact: info@knoema.com
Data Share Usage Example Q1: What is electric power selling price index in Canada over time?
Data Share Usage Example SQL1 Last Tested: January 1, 1970

Data Share Overview:

The Electricity Data Atlas is a curated collection of public datasets from a variety of sources to analyze the electricity markets of different countries. The set of indicators contained in the datasets encompasses industry fields such as electricity generation by fuel and type of generation, consumption and cost of fuels for electric power generation, electricity prices by components including network costs, taxes, fees, levies, and charges, electricity balance sheets, electric power sales, revenue and energy efficiency, reported electric emergency incidents and disturbances and more. Topics covered: – Electricity generation – Inputs and costs – Power plants – Electricity prices – Electricity balance sheet – Electric power sales, revenue, and energy efficiency – Reported electric emergency incidents and disturbances Datasets include: – EIA Electric Power Sales, Revenue and Energy Efficiency by State in the U.S. – EIA Annual Energy Outlook – EIA Electricity Statistics of U.S. – Electricity Output Statistics of China – Eurostat Electricity Prices for Domestic Consumers – 50+ others Please see reference table ELECTRICITY.DATASETS that includes the list of all tables/datasets included in this listing, with key details on each table/dataset including name, source, frequency of refresh, source, documentation on data, etc. Fields include: – Electricity net generation – Installed capacity of electric power plants – Plant load – Electricity prices by type of user – Electricity supply Sources include Eurostat, U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), U.S. Department of Energy, Chinese National Bureau of Statistics, Indian Central Electricity Authority, International Energy Agency (IEA), Climatescope. Datasets are updated within 1-7 days of the most recent data being made available by the underlying reporter. More detail on each of the datasets, fields, and sources included in the share can be found at the link in our documentation. Use cases – Forecasting electricity demand and supply – Analyzing electricity markets – Estimating electricity costs

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