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Data Connector Description:

Data Connector Type: Application

Data Connector Documentation:

[Azure Functions, Azure Functions, is a serverless computing platform that runs code in response to events andnautomatically manages the compute resources required by that code., Features, Feature Name, Supported, Notes, Capture Deletes, check, Custom Data, check, All tables and fields, Data Blocking, Column Hashing, Re-sync, check, Connector level, History, API Configurable, check, Priority-first sync, dbt Package, Supported Languages, Azure Functions support code written in, C#, JavaScript, F#, Java *, PowerShell *, Python *, TypeScript *, “* Supported in Microsofts Azure Functions 2.x and later. See “, “Microsofts Azure Functions documentation for details about supported languages”, ., Setup guide, Follow our step-by-step , Azure Functions setup guide, to connect Azure Functions with your destination using Fivetran connectors.]

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