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Data Connector Description:

Data Connector Type: Application

Data Connector Documentation:

[Apple Search Ads, Apple Search Ads, helps people discover your app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad., Features, Feature Name, Supported, Notes, Capture Deletes, Custom Data, Data Blocking, Column Hashing, Re-sync, check, Connector level, History, check, All tables , except, , ORGANIZATION, API Configurable, check, Priority-first sync, check, Reporting tables, dbt Package, Setup guide, Follow our , step-by-step Apple Search Ads setup guide, to connect Apple Search Ads with your destination using Fivetran connectors., Schema information, This schema applies to all Apple Search Ads connectors., To zoom, open ERD in new window, Campaign and keyword APIs, “The campaign and keyword APIs return different results for campaigns that have Search Match enabled. Search Matches are generated from the category the app is under and not the typical broad match logic. When the match is generated based on the app category, it doesnt have a keyword to assign to that spend or impression, so the match is not reported under a keyword. Thus not all of the matches returned in the campaign results are returned in the keyword results. “, The search term level report does not have the same difference and should always match the campaign report.]

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