Acxiom Personicx® Consumer Segmentation

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Data Share Description:

Acxiom Personicx® Consumer Segmentation

Data Share Frequency: Monthly
Data Share Category: Marketing
Data Share Type: Personalized
Data Share Date Added: February 1, 2021
Data Share Status: ACTIVE
Data Share Usage Example Q1: How do I find more prospects for my product? As a new Spanish Language Streaming service, you send Acxiom a sample of your subscriber base. We identify that a majority of your customers belong to two Personicx Hispanic segments: #16 & #19. We suggest rea
Data Share Usage Example SQL1 Last Tested: January 1, 1970

Data Share Overview:

Acxiom Personicx offers five powerful systems in the U.S. allowing you to segment by individual, household, life stage, financial or insurance behaviors, and Hispanic ethnicity and acculturation. It is an unmatched resource for reaching the best marketing audience – across all channels – to help narrowcast personalized and coordinated contacts for optimum results. Whether used alone or together, all systems allow you to organize customers and prospects based on their demographics, digital behaviors, socio-economics and essential buying behaviors to support key use cases. All systems are linked to globally renowned syndicated survey sources, providing rich insights into thousands of attitudes, interests and behaviors to help shape communications and customer interactions. Powered by Acxiom’s InfoBase® data, the Personicx suite includes: – PERSONICX PRIME An innovative new segmentation system, it is intended to better represent modern consumers and their interactions in a digitally oriented marketplace. – PERSONICX LIFESTAGE This proven household-level segmentation system that places U.S. households into one of 70 segments and 21 groups based on similar demographic, socio-economic and consumer behaviors. It allows broad-reaching applications fitting most business models. – PERSONICX LIFESTAGE INSURANCE GROUPS These 13 distinct groupings of the 70 Personicx Lifestage clusters segment U.S. individuals by similar demographic and insurance tendencies. – PERSONICX FINANCIAL This is a “Regulation B friendly” segmentation system built from financial behaviors, grouping households by similar propensities for financial activities, regardless of demographic characteristics. – PERSONICX HISPANIC It provides new insights into the Hispanic market, now at an individual level. Why Personicx? – Better understand and engage modern audiences – Execute effective marketing strategies and tactics with customer segmentation – Understand people and their likely in-market behaviors with robust audience portraits – Define the audience for coordinated acquisition, upsell, cross-sell, and retention programs across digital and offline platforms – Create more relevant messages, content and customer experiences

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