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Data Connector Documentation:

[ServiceNow, ServiceNow, is a cloud platform that provides service management software as a service., Features, Feature Name, Supported, Notes, Capture Deletes, Custom Data, check, All tables and fields, Data Blocking, check, Table level and column level, Column Hashing, check, Re-sync, check, Table level, History, API Configurable, check, Priority-first sync, dbt Package, Setup guide, Follow our step-by-step , ServiceNow setup guide, to connect ServiceNow with your destination using Fivetran connectors., Initial sync, When a new account is first connected, Fivetran will sync every table present in the instance for which read permission was granted.nWe import each table in full before moving onto the next table.nDepending on the number and size of tables to be imported, initial sync can take a while., Schema information, “ServiceNow schema follows Fivetrans “, standard API schema rules., Schema, Fivetran currently supports all tables as well as any custom tables present in your ServiceNow account and the schema diagrams illustrating how tables relate to one another., To zoom, open ERD in new window, Schema notes, ServiceNow uses the Class Table Inheritance pattern. Most of the tables are children/leafs of the , Task, or , CMDB_CI, table.nPlease join on the , sys_id, field of the child table to recover the complete record., Updating data, Fivetran will use one of the following strategies to update the tables that you included in your sync:, Incremental, Tables which have a , sys_updated_on, or , sys_created_on, column are updated incrementally., Reimport, Some tables do not have the necessary columns to be updated incrementally. They must be reimported in full to update.nIn order to speed up overall updates, the frequency with which we update these reimport tables is based on how fast wencan ingest them from ServiceNow. This speed is entirely dependent on ServiceNow performance., Table Import Duration, Import Frequency, 3 secs or less, Re-import in every sync, Between 3 secs and 5 mins, Re-imported twice a day, More than 5 mins, Re-imported once a week, Tables that take longer than 3 seconds to import get marked as , not recommended, on the dashboard and includena message on how frequently Fivetran will sync them. They will be excluded from the sync by defaultnas they degrade performance. However, customers can choose to include them., Excluded Tables, Fivetran cannot update a table which do not contain , sys_id, column using one of the strategies above and is excluded from the sync.nThey will be marked on the dashboard. Customers cannot optionally include them in the sync., Syncing empty tables and columns, Fivetran can sync empty tables and columns for your ServiceNow connector. For more information, see our , Features documentation, .]

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