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[Mailchimp, Mailchimp, is an email marketing platform to send emails and automated messages, create targeted campaigns, facilitate reporting and analytics, and sell online. , Features, Featurexa0Namexa0xa0xa0xa0, Supported, Notes, Capture Deletes, check, We capture deletes for non-incremental tables: , LIST , SEGMENT , SEGMENT_MEMBER , CAMPAIGN , CAMPAIGN_VARIATE_COMBINATION , AUTOMATION and , AUTOMATION_EMAIL, ., Custom Data, check, All tables, Data Blocking, Column Hashing, Re-sync, check, Connector level, History, API Configurable, check, Priority-first sync, dbt Package, check, Get the , package, Setup guide, Follow our step-by-step , Mailchimp setup guide, to connect Mailchimp with your destination using Fivetran connectors., Sync overview, “The Mailchimp APIs are extensive, highly duplicative, and have extreme differences in query performance. Fivetrans connector has been optimized for incremental updates without data integrity issues.”, The sync strategy ensures that every table has the most recent data, and that your historical email activity fills in over time:, Sync everything , except email activities, by iteratively querying the , Mailchimp API 3.0, ., Prioritize the email activity exports based on the amount of email activity that has yet to be synced., Export the highest priority email activities using , Batch Operations, ., “After 8 hours, finish and record how far back historical email activities are synced to.”, The dashboard has the “Email Activities Back To” field showing how far back the email activities are synced.nThe length of time it will take for the full historical email activity data to sync is largely determined by the total number of email activity exports for campaigns and automation emails.nMailchimp can complete between 15 – 75 email activity export Batch Operations per day, depending on the number of recipients., Schema information, “Mailchimps schema follows Fivetrans “, standard API schema rules, ., Schema, This schema applies to Mailchimp connectors set up after August 2017., To zoom, open ERD in new window, Schema notes, “When you delete a list member in Mailchimp, their activity (sent, open, click, bounce) is deleted as well. Because of this, the data Fivetran delivers will sum to slightly less than the aggregate reporting in Mailchimps dashboard.”, The , list_member.status, field has six values:, pending – has yet to opt-in, subscribed – opt-ed in, unsubscribed – have opt-ed out, cleaned – emails bounced too many times, removed, transactional – part of Mandrill automation, archived – removed, but can be added back, Unsubscribes are also captured in the , unsubscribe, table, which indicates the campaign or automation email which triggered the list member to unsubscribe. The , campaign_id, is a foreign key reference to the , id, field of both the , campaign, and , automation_email, tables., The , campaign.type, field has five values:, regular, plaintext, rss, variate, variate-child, Multi-variate campaigns (Mailchimp PRO feature) can be identified by having type of , variate, . They have two parts:, The multi-variate combinations are run until a winner is chosen., Then, the winning combination is spawned as a new campaign., The combinations can be analyzed using the , combination_id, field on the , campaign_recipient, and , campaign_recipient_activity, tables.nThe winning campaign is identified by the , campaign, id in , winning_campaign_id, field, and has the , type, field value of , variate-child, ., If enabled, the , segment_member, table is only updated once per day.]

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