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Data Connector Description:

Data Connector Type: Database

Data Connector Documentation:

[DynamoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, is a fully-managed, proprietary NoSQL database service that is offered as part of Amazon Web Services (AWS)., Features, Feature Name, Supported, Notes, Capture Deletes, check, All tables and fields, Custom Data, check, All tables and fields, Data Blocking, check, Table level and schema level, Column Hashing, Re-sync, check, Table level, History, API Configurable, check, Priority-first sync, dbt Package, Setup guide, Follow our , step-by-step DynamoDB setup guide, to connect DynamoDB with your destination using Fivetran connectors., Sync Overview, Once Fivetran is connected to your database, we pull a full dump of all selected data from your database. We then use , DynamoDB Streams, to pull all your new and changed data at regular intervals. If data in your master database changes (for example, you add new tables or change a data type), Fivetran automatically detects and persists these changes into your destination., Sync mode options, Sync modes determine the form in which Fivetran delivers your data. You must choose a sync mode for each table you want Fivetran to sync. There are two sync modes – packed and unpacked. If your table has or will have more than 1000 unique first-level keys, you must use packed mode., Unpacked mode, If your table has fewer than 1000 first-level attributes, you have the option to have your data delivered unpacked. Fivetran unpacks , one, layer of nested fields and infer types. , In unpacked mode, the following source table , {n “foo”: 1,

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