Snowflake Optimization Resources

Snowflake Optimization Resources [UPDATED:  8/13/2022]

If you are interested in how to OPTIMIZE SNOWFLAKE – We at Snowflake Solutions have attempted to create the most detailed list of Snowflake Optimization Resources here:

Data Superhero Resources [mostly myself, Slim, Tomas, and some others]

Frank’s Resource Optimization Articles:

#1. Snowflake Data Cost Risks

#2. Snowflake Create Warehouse Defaults this article covers how the default settings are NOT optimized at all for warehouses!

#3. Snowflake Compute T-Shirts Sizes – Break down of how Snowflake T-Shire Sizes work.

#4. What is Snoptimizer?

Snowflake Corporation Resources:

#5. Snowflake Quick Starts in Resource Optimization is by far one of the best resources:

Other Resources:

#. Coming Soon.

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