Welcome to Snowflake Innovations by ITS!

We will work over the next 5 weeks to educate, entertain, and dare I say delight you. (okay - the delight may only be for data professionals! )

WEEK 1 - Innovations Fun!

You made it - Week 1 was released November 11, 2020 - Veterans Day in the United States. The innovation being introduced this week is the Data Marketplace Growth. (we are starting off small). We are the only independent organization I know of outside of Snowflake tracking the growth since July 1, 2020.

WEEK 2 - ITS Snowflake Solutions - Starts November 20, 2020

We will answer the question I often get from my business friends:
It is the week before Thanksgiving - Before you stuff yourself with food why not educate yourself about a "Data Marketplace" innovation! We will show you what Data Driven Solutions are really about in some Data Driven Examples on this site with Covid-19 Data and other data sets.

WEEK 3 - Innovations - Starts Dec 2, 2020

** Get the recap on the Snowflake Summit 2020**
.. We will do this in 45 minutes or less - because who has hours to listen to this? We will recommend what you really need to know.
Join us on December 2nd when our very own Frank Bell of Snowflake Solutions (funnier than Frank S. at Snowflake!) will have 3 of the top true Snowflake experts here to chat. These are real people who know what works and what doesn't.. not the people who pay for a slot to speak at the conference. 🙂

WEEK 4 - Innovations - Starts Dec 9, 2020

*We are a slightly...slightly smaller organization so you need to become a community member to get in on the secrets of what is coming Week 4 and 5. Yes, anticipation!

WEEK 5 - Innovations - Starts Dec 16, 2020

I mean - what else are you doing before the holidays besides shopping online?
DATA PROFESSIONALS - get your final Innovations treat before the holidays! One last webcast which will be as funny and educational as we can make it.
Also, just because we want to have some fun... (insert drum roll here) any attendees who register and attend (yep - sorry - you have to attend or actually do something) will be treated to some amazing prizes.