*COVERAGE from TOP SNOWFLAKE PRACTITIONERS AND ADVOCATES (hey hey - notice how they changes the branding. It used to be the Snowflake Summit but now we are the "Data Cloud" Summit. Ah, I love marketers.)
***Snowflake Solutions is a community site to educate and connect Snowflake users. It is not part of Snowflake Inc***
Session Times (PST)
Session Name
Session Description
Franks Take
18:30:00 AMData Cloud Summit 2020: PreshowGrab your coffee or tea and join us early as the preshow for Data Cloud Summit gets the event started. In less than a decade, Snowflake has become a global force to mobilize the world’s data. Hear from some of Snowflake’s founding engineers how it all started. But more than that, understand the vision, the ability to spot a disruptive opportunity, and the execution required to conceive, build, and deliver a product that continues to transform an entire industry. You’ll walk away with a preview for what's in store the rest of the day before kicking off the show.Dave Vellante
SiliconANGLE Media | Co-founder & Co-CEO
"Lisa Scuzzo
Snowflake | Snowflake Ambassador & Co-Anch…"
HeadlineIt’s a preshow so up to you 🙂 Do you like tailgating?
28:45:00 AMThe Rise of the Data CloudSnowflake shatters barriers that prevent organizations from unleashing the true value from their data. In this keynote, Frank Slootman, Snowflake’s Chairman and CEO, discusses the rise of the Data Cloud, a network that connects Snowflake customers, partners, data providers, and data service providers across public cloud providers and regions.Frank Slootman
Snowflake | Chairman & CEO
HeadlineBeginners will probably enjoy this. Frank can be dry but I still like this intense billionaire. I'd guess intermediate and advanced customers/practictioners will not get too much out of it. If anything substantial comes out then I'm sure it will be tweeted in seconds.
39:00:00 AMMobilizing Data at Disney+Join Anita Lynch, Vice President, Data Governance for The Walt Disney Company’s direct-to-consumer businesses to learn about the central role data governance plays in building a data culture at scale for Disney+. Anita will discuss how the Data Cloud enables the scale, data governance, and modern data sharing needed to generate deeper product insights and better customer experiences for Disney+ globally.Anita Lynch
Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution,…
HeadlineHmm. Not sure. Disney often has good presentations. I don't know Anita but I'd say if you are interested in Data Governance then this is worth it. Otherwise ... Skip.
49:15:00 AMWhat's Next in the Data CloudJoin Christian Kleinerman, Snowflake’s SVP of Product, to learn about the newest capabilities Snowflake is bringing to market. See demos showing how Snowflake is innovating in the areas of performance, extensible data pipelines, governance and security, and content in the Data Cloud.Christian Kleinerman
Snowflake | SVP Product
HeadlineKleinerman usually has good announcements and he does get energetic in his presentations. He also blew me off when I tried to connect with him 2 years ago so I'm skipping this and having someone else watch it. I'm sure it will at least be okay. He usually has a few good product announcements. He thinks he is too cool for customers though is my take. Some thing are about people and emotion too.
510:00:00 AMThe Vision of the Data CloudJoin Benoit Dageville, Snowflake Co-Founder and President, Product, as he shares his vision for the Data Cloud. With its cloud data platform at the core, the vision for Snowflake is both inspiring and actionable, allowing customers to start their journey today while mapping out a plan for how to maximize the value of data into the future. Dageville will share why Snowflake’s cloud data platform is uniquely positioned to unlock this value, how new innovations open up new opportunities, and what the future holds for Snowflake.Benoit Dageville
Snowflake | Co-founder & President, Produc…
Unlock The Value of the Data Cloud*Personally, I love listening to Benoit. Maybe its the French accent or just my pure worship of an AMAZING feat of engineering. I'm both an Engineer and an MBA but my engineering side loves the work that Benoit, Thierry, and Marcin have done. In about 30 years of implementing Technology solutions Snowflake is definitely in the top 3 of architectures I've ever seen. And yes, I've been around in 1994 I was on Bill Joy's initial Java usenet group. In the 90s I tried to implement ORMs (god they sucked then. They were so slow)
***My only question is whether for advanced customers will this just be a repeat of other presentations.
610:00:00 AMModernizing Your Supply Chain with Near Real-Time Cloud AnalyticsVirtually every major manufacturer uses SAP ECC to store significant volumes of critical information on sales, supply chain operations, and financial processes. Integrating all of the data from this central operation hub into modern analytics projects can be challenging given inherent data model complexities and the need for specialized skill sets. In this session, Clive Bearman, Director of Product Marketing for Qlik, will discuss how one company modernized its analytics infrastructure with Snowflake and Qlik to reduce supply chain interruptions, improve operational efficiency, and transform its ERP system into a real-time analytical insight hub.Clive Bearman
Qlik | Director of Product Marketing
Industry Solutions SpotlightThis looks good. I used to be a partner with Qlik before we were acquired.
710:00:00 AMMaximizing Your Superhero JourneyData Superheroes Randy Pitcher II and Sonny Rivera will describe the Community tools and programs that have helped them on their Data Superhero journeys, highlighting opportunities for connection, collaboration, and career growth.Randy Pitcher II
Hashmap | Sales Engineering
Sonny Rivera
Ally Financial | Director of Data Delivery
Mobilizing Your Data with Our Data SuperheroesI hate to complement semi-competitors like Randy but he is the real deal. Both Sonny and him are fantastic Data Heroes. I am one too but honestly they contribute more than I did before this Agenda Take - ha ha ha. If you want more info on community tools and a lot of resources this will be a winner. I think they will cover DBT as well so if you are interested in that this maybe a good session as well.
810:00:00 AMLogitech - Powering Advanced and Predictive Analytics with the Data CloudThe Data Cloud is at the core of Logitech's analytics and data science initiatives. In this session, learn how Logitech has consolidated all of its internal data, third-party data, and partner data to power self-service analytics. Also hear how Logitech is revolutionizing its customer service, supply lines, and product development with predictive analytics powered by the Data Cloud.Avinash Deshpande
Logitech | Head of Architecture / Director…
Supercharge Your Analytics and Data ScienceI've watched Avinash present since 2018. He is one of the early early innovators with Snowflake like me. His presentations are usually very good with a lot of practical tidbits. Back in early 2018 I remember him presenting and I was so pumped up afterward with what he had done.
910:00:00 AMData Cloud Summit Fireside Chat: Frank Slootman & Anita LynchFollowing the keynote session, Frank Slootman, CEO of Snowflake, and Anita Lynch, VP of Data Governance at Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution, Direct-to-Consumer will speak with Dave Vellante about the rise of the Data Cloud and how data is central to Disney's mission of delighting their customers. They’ll reflect on the data requirements of modern day enterprises and what it takes to realize the power of data sharing and the network effect of the Data Cloud.Anita Lynch
Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution,…
"Dave Vellante
SiliconANGLE Media | Co-founder & Co-CEO"
Frank Slootman
Snowflake | Chairman & CEO
HeadlinePersonally I'm not a fan of Fireside Chats if you are an advanced profesional in a product/system/etc.. Maybe young newbies will like this. I'm personally too "Fireside Chatted Out" after having to deal with Jason Nazar for like 10 years promoting himself in them. (its an awesome strategy though). Realistically though you never leave them with any practical knowlege. Just about situational leadership but hey...maybe it will get you fired up. Otherwise get the 5 bullet synapsis and think quietly for 10 minutes about if its useful or not. ***BUT BUT - Dave Vellante makes everything interesting - so if you are fan - what the hell!
1010:00:00 AMContinuous Data Pipelines: Foundations and Effective Implementation at ConvoyLow latency data is critical for businesses, and continuous data pipelines are built to deliver it. These pipelines must ensure the reliable and scalable transformation of raw data into insights. Snowflake has been steadily increasing its continuous data pipeline capabilities from data ingestion to transformation of incremental data. Join Snowflake and Convoy to learn more about these capabilities and how they are being used to build an effective, near real-time ELT pipeline.Dinesh Kulkarni
Snowflake | Principal Product Manager
Lexi Santoro
Convoy | Data Engineer
Modernize Your Data Lake, Deliver Data Engineering at ScaleI presented on a workshop like this in the 2019 Summit about connecting Kafka/Confluent to Snowflake. I've heard Convoy is doing amazing things with their data pipeline. I'm going to this one. I'd say though this is for advanced snowflake practictioners or someone into kafka/topics/etc.
1110:00:00 AMBreaking Down Data Kingdoms for Democratized AnalyticsLearn how Sainsbury’s used its migration to Snowflake as a catalyst to implement a completely new data culture and organization. By restructuring its teams with clear data owners, it was able to break down silos, encourage collaboration, and enhance the human element in its data strategy.Graeme Forbes
Sainsbury's | Principal Data Engineer
Migrating to SnowflakeI've been fortunate enough to see Sainsbury's present on another webinar. They have some interesting content. This will be a worthwhile session if Migrating to Snowflake is your focus.
1210:00:00 AMEvery App Is a Data App!As the volume of data being created grows exponentially, applications increasingly need to collect, analyze, and operate on massive volumes of data. The result is that every app is becoming a data app. Join Chris Child, Snowflake’s Director of Product, as he leads a panel of key technical leaders. You will learn where data applications are going, hear insights and best practices for building these apps, and find out why so many developers choose Snowflake to power applications.Bill Waddington
Snowflake | Software Engineer
Chris Child
Snowflake | Director of Product Management
Kevin McGinley
Snowflake | Technical Director, SnowCAT
Build Data Apps and Data ProductsI don't know Allison well but I've heard her speak a few times. She is good. She also is one of the founding engineers on Snowflake. Its hard to tell who were the real amazing engineers back then in 2015/etc. but I'm sure she was one of them. I'm going to try and make this one also. I've worked with Chris related to the ORGADMIN functionality too - he is a good product guy and has always treated me well.
1310:15:00 AMFireside Chat: Innovating at Allianz Benelux with the Data CloudAs one of the largest insurers in the world, Allianz Benelux has been a longstanding early adopter of data technologies. Continuing this drive for innovation is Sudaman Thoppan Mohanchandralal, Chief Digital Officer. In this interview, Snowflake’s CRO, Chris Degnan, will find out how data science is driving Allianz Benelux to new successes despite an increasingly difficult risk and regulatory environment. Sudaman will share the creative ways that Allianz Benelux is using Snowflake to get ahead, and develop creative solutions for a challenging business.Chris Degnan
Snowflake | Chief Revenue Officer
Sudaman T M
Allianz Benelux | Chief Data & Analytics O…
HeadlineSee my thoughts on Fireside Chats above…Make your own call on this one. Degnan is a solid guy though and has always been very helpful to partners.
1410:20:00 AMDataRobot + Snowflake: Retaining Customers and Increasing Business ProfitsFood service distributor US Foods is one of America’s largest food companies. Approximately 300,000 restaurants and food service operators rely on US Foods’ expansive catalog of food products, culinary equipment, supplies, and technology. To retain its competitive edge and outpace the competition, US Foods must accurately predict which customers are likely to leave if they adjust their offerings.Raman Kaler
DataRobot | Marketing Director
Vijay Rajan
DataRobot | Data Scientist
Industry Solutions SpotlightThis should be good. DataRobot has some interesting tools.
1510:30:00 AMSnowflake for Startup: Data CTOs PanelSnowflake for Startups provides early-stage startups the resources they need to build massive-scale data applications on Snowflake. Join us to learn how startups can take advantage of free Snowflake credits, architectural design consultation, and co-marketing opportunities to build faster and reach more customers.Cyriac Thomas
Compile Inc | CTO
Daniel Myers
Snowflake | Developer Advocate
Joe Rzepiejewski
Daasity | CTO
Taylor Perkins
Slope Software | Co-founder and CTO
Waqas Makhdum
Snowflake | Director of Developer & Startu…
Mobilizing Your Data with Our Data SuperheroesNo opinion.
1610:30:00 AMTech Titans and the Confluence of the Data CloudThis hard-hitting conversation will bring together three technology leaders from Snowflake, AWS, and Tableau to discuss the paradigm shift that’s being created by the emergence of the Data Cloud. They’ll explore trends that are shaping data capabilities and specifically how organizations are transforming their companies with data and insights. Each will share a unique perspective on how their technologies are accelerating the data landscape and providing game-changing innovations for organizations around the globe.Christian Kleinerman
Snowflake | SVP Product
Dave Vellante
SiliconANGLE Media | Co-founder & Co-CEO
Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec
AWS | VP, Storage (EBS, S3, and Glacier)
Mark Nelson
Salesforce / Tableau | EVP of Product Deve…
HeadlineMaybe it will be interesting. Hard to tell. Seems like too high level of presenters.
1710:40:00 AMHVR + Snowflake: Integrating SAP for Broader Analytics and Decision-MakingFind out how organizations are using Snowflake and HVR to improve efficiency and drive real-time decisions. The unlimited scalability of Snowflake’s cloud data platform and HVR’s unique change data capture technology and distributed architecture provide customers with an effective solution for continuous, high-volume data replication and integration. As a result, customers are leveraging the power of near real-time analytics to make better business decisions. Join HVR’s Chief Technology Officer, Mark Van de Wiel, as he shares:
*How HVR’s log-based CDC technology efficiently and securely extracts data from SAP systems
*How to consolidate high volumes of SAP and essential business data for a real-time analytics and decision making
*A real-world example of how Pitney Bowes is leveraging HVR and Snowflake to replicate data in near real-time from multiple sources for broader view of their business
*A live demo of data replication from SAP to Snowflake using HVR.
Mark Van de Wiel
HVR | Chief Technology Officer
Industry Solutions SpotlightNo opinion.
1810:45:00 AMJoining the Data CloudJoin executives from Allianz Benelux and Emirates and to hear why their organizations are joining the Data Cloud. The Data Cloud is transforming companies across financial services, transportation, and other industries. As leaders develop strategies to support the next 3-5 years of innovation, the Data Cloud is becoming a critical enabler for the success of their enterprises. Learn how these companies are seizing the opportunity with Snowflake, and see the broader impact Snowflake’s cloud data platform is having on their organizations.Ali Tierney
Snowflake | GVP, EMEA

Jan Doumen
Allianz Benelux | Head of Expertise

Naveed Memon
Emirates | Program Director
Unlock The Value of the Data CloudIn June 2019 I gave a presentation at the ***very end of the Snowflake Summit. I thought it wouldn't have anyone and thought I was screwed by the timeslot. I helped get Emirates actually interested but as a partner you don't get credit for this unless you go through a lot of hoops.
1910:45:00 AMGetting Data Into the Right Hands: Your Business and Your ClientsThe value to your business and to your customers should drive the move to the cloud. How do you align your migration approach to providing immediate value to your business? How do you provide value to your customers with your (their) data? In this session, we’ll discuss how Accenture helped two of our clients do just that by leveraging The Data Cloud to provide value to their business quickly and enable their customers.Ali Sajanlal
Accenture AI | Snowflake Global I&TL Lead,…
Migrating to SnowflakeOkay. I'm very biased because I have worked with Ali. I try my hardest to be the top Snowflak SME outside of Snowflake but this guy gives me a serious running for my money. The reality is no one knows everything so he is much stronger than me in some areas. I'm sure he will not dissapoint. Ali was one of the main reasons Clarity Insights grew with Snowflake. He helped create the Center of Excellence there with a few other players.
2010:45:00 AMData-driven Product and Customer Experiences at SonosJoin Margaret Sherman, Head of Data Strategy at Sonos, and Kyle Rourke, VP of Platform Strategy at Snowflake. Learn how the c-suite at Sonos sees the Data Strategy team as a critical partner to all functions, from marketing and finance to product development. Sherman will share how Snowflake enables her team to deliver analytics that were previously impossible, and helps Sonos create better customer experiences across tens of millions of speakers globally.Kyle Rourke
Snowflake | VP of Platform Strategy

Margaret Sherman
Sonos | Head of Data Strategy
HeadlineKyle Rourke is one of my favorite people at Snowflake. Anything he is involved with is usually interesting. One of my other friends is the Account Rep for Sonos and I've heard they are doing very cool things so this should be a good session. I'm going to try to make this one.
2110:45:00 AMBuilding on Snowflake: Developer’s Chat + Snowflake LabsSnowflake Developer Advocate Daniel Myers will detail the possibilities for collaboration and product expansion via Github Community Labs with Data Superhero and Labs contributor James Weakley.Daniel Myers
Snowflake | Developer Advocate

James Weakley
Honeysuckle Health | Head of Technology
Mobilizing Your Data with Our Data SuperheroesJames Weakley is the real deal. I actually have not heard him speak but he is one of the few people outside of snowflake innovating as much or more than I am. He's been in the ecosystem for a long time as well.
2210:45:00 AMBuilding Extensible Data Pipelines with SnowflakeData pipelines are at the heart of how your organization delivers the data it needs to derive valuable insights. But building robust, reliable pipelines that augment and transform raw inputs into clean, analyzable data sets is hard, often requiring coordination between multiple systems that don’t work well together. This session, will describe how data engineers can use Snowflake’s extensibility features to build simple pipelines that incorporate code and libraries written in a variety of languages, and integrate naturally with third-party services. Snowflake representatives will build a real-life demo using some of its latest features, including external functions, Java UDFs, and more.Isaac Kunen
Snowflake | Senior Product Manager
Modernize Your Data Lake, Deliver Data Engineering at ScaleI worked with Isaac when the Snowflake Kafka connector was in Beta. He was a nice guy. Seemed to work hard and know his stuff.
2310:45:00 AMAccelerating Analytics with SnowflakeActionable analytics based on accurate data is a top priority for every enterprise. Snowflake finally makes it possible to power all of your organization's BI, reporting, and ad-hoc analytics needs with more data, faster, with virtually any BI tool.
In this session, Snowflake’s product managers will highlight new and existing features and how you can use them to:

Consolidate data into a fast, accurate, and governed single source of truth
Optimize for efficiency and performance to power thousands of concurrent users without wasted resources or spend
Quickly explore data, collaborate on analysis, and share results easily with Snowsight
Supercharge the performance of the BI tools you’re already using
Store and analyze new types of data (like JSON or geodata) natively within Snowflake
Chris Child
Snowflake | Director of Product Management

Shravan Narayen
Snowflake | Senior Product Manager
Supercharge Your Analytics and Data Science
2410:45:00 AMModern Architecture for Data ApplicationsIn this session, engineers and architects will learn how to apply architectural principles and patterns to develop data applications and overcome scalability, reliability, and DevOps burden challenges. Hear how to design apps that meet the demands of increasing users and analytics-oriented workloads without adding a lot of development time or wrestling with the data infrastructure. We will also explore why many ISVs, startups, and developers leverage Snowflake to power modern data applications.Brian Smith
Snowflake | Principal Software Engineer
Build Data Apps and Data ProductsThis looks pretty good. If you are interested in Devops which probably is more intermediate and advanced this will be a good one.
2511:00:00 AMFivetran + Snowflake: Automating Your Marketing AnalyticsWith many disparate sources of data generated by your marketing teams, automatically centralizing all of their data and generating insights can be tedious and time consuming. This presentation demonstrates how you can use Snowflake for powerful cloud data management and Fivetran to automate data integration processes.
What you’ll learn in this webinar:

The commonly used data sources for marketing teams including Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua, and more
How these sources flow into your modern data stack
You’ll also see a demo of how to bring all those sources together into your Snowflake instance.
Catlyn Origitano
Fivetran | Product Marketing Director
Industry Solutions SpotlightI'm biased because I've been using Fivetran since 2018 and they are one of my top partners to work with. If you are looking for the easiest way to get data into snowflake with limited coding and work then check this out.
2611:00:00 AMA Technical Deep Dive on the Data CloudJoin this interactive session as Snowflake product executives answer questions and discuss in-depth the new features available from Snowflake’s platform and how they enable your organization to benefit from the Data Cloud.Benoit Dageville
Snowflake | Co-founder & President, Produc...

Christian Kleinerman
Snowflake | SVP Product

Dave Vellante
SiliconANGLE Media | Co-founder & Co-CEO
Headline*Like I said before. Anything with Benoit in it can be somewhat interesting. Q&A sessions though are really hit and miss. I'm skipping.
2711:15:00 AMTalend Drives Data Health for Business DecisionsThere are innumerable ways to measure the health of a business: sales growth, profit, cost of customer acquisition, even social sentiment. Yet, there's no way to easily measure the health of data, the asset being used to evaluate all other performance metrics. Besides employees, data is the most critical asset for every single company. Data helps shape customer relationships, reduce risk and costs, and drive revenue. However, today, there is no way for executives to easily measure data health: how much they have, its ROI, and, critically, whether or not it can be trusted.
At Talend, our goal, in collaboration with ecosystem partners like Snowflake, is to create new ways to help businesses understand their data's health, including simple tools to bring a new level of confidence to frontline decision-makers that the data they use to make critical business decisions can be trusted.
Ann-Christel (AC) Graham
Talend | Chief Revenue Officer

Chris Degnan
Snowflake | Chief Revenue Officer

Dave Vellante
SiliconANGLE Media | Co-founder & Co-CEO
HeadlineIf you are interested in Talend. Then give it a shot. All of these sessions I'm pretty sure are not on quality or solution or merit but paying to play. (or in this case…um, speak)
2811:15:00 AMSnowflake for Startups: Emerging Opportunities in DataHear from our panel of founders and leaders of startups that are building for new use cases in the data space. They will share the learnings, how they are harnessing the power of data, what is next for their startups and the problem space. Snowflake for Startups provides early-stage startups the resources they need to build massive-scale data application. Join this session to learn how startups can take advantage of free Snowflake credits, architectural design consultation, and co-marketing opportunities to accelerate growth and reach more customers.Barr Moses
Monte Carlo | CEO & Co-founder

Mason Mclead | CTO

Sumant Rao
Abacus Insights | Chief Product Officer

Waqas Makhdum
Snowflake | Director of Developer & Startu…
Mobilizing Your Data with Our Data SuperheroesI'm biased because I think Startups are more innovative. If you like these panel kind of things then go for it. They can be hit or miss too. Really depends on the panelists and I don't know any of them. If it was Paul Ryan with OpenX then I'd attend because he is funny no matter what.
2911:30:00 AMThe Data Show with Trevor NoahTune in to Snowflake’s Data Show hosted by Felipe Hoffa and joined in conversation by Trevor Noah. To influence the world using data, you have to be a great storyteller. Trevor Noah, from The Daily Show, knows this well, and in this session he’ll dive into data with us. We’ll start by discussing how he’s used data to guide his decisions - starting at a young age. Trevor will also be sharing the power of information and storytelling, creating engaging content, and quite a few other surprises.
This conversation will take place on November 17, from 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM.
Felipe Hoffa
Snowflake | Data Cloud Advocate

Trevor Noah
Host of The Daily Show | Special Guest
HeadlineI paid at my kid's auction for a free audience showing of Trevor Noah but the pandemic crushed that. Does anyone want this? I'll give it away for free to a member of Snowflake Solutions. I'll show the picture of it later. Not sure if he has a masked audience now?
3012:15:00 PMThe Community-Driven Activity Every Snowflake User Should Participate InParticipating in user groups is one of the most valuable ways for Snowflake customers to continue to develop their skill sets and develop their professional networks. Join us to hear from three of Snowflake’s most engaged user group leaders on why they got involved with the user group program, how it has added value to their Snowflake journey, and ways they’ve succeeded in creating meaningful user engagement during a global pandemic.Bridgette Barry
Aptitive | Director of Marketing

Elsa Mayer
Snowflake | Community Manager

Lenny Fishler
Braze | Senior Manager, Data Services

Nehil Jain
Snaptravel | Data Engineer Team Lead
Mobilizing Your Data with Our Data SuperheroesI run the LA Users Group. I started this with my partner in early 2018. Snowflake didn't help much at first but then they became really helpful as it grew. The pandemic pretty much screwed us here but I'm still having quarterly events now. Want to join? I promise to make it fun as hell. ***Life is too short (ha ha first I wrote shart....) to do anything else.
I know Elissa - I'm not sure they know what to do with us because she doesn't respond to our emails from the last 2 months about sponsoring an LA webinar and promoting it. Oh well.
3112:15:00 PMHow I Built ThisThis session will feature the journeys of two customers who built data apps on Snowflake. Join Adobe and Zeta Global to hear why and how they architected their applications powered by Snowflake.
*Calin Dragomir, data engineer at Adobe will describe how Snowflake enables Adobe Audience Manager with fast searches over massive amounts of data to enable marketers to create new segments for targeting or analysis.

*Philip Phan, Senior Director of Engineering at Zeta will describe how Zeta leveraged Snowflake to consolidate numerous data technologies to power their marketing platform with the world’s third largest data set, including 2.4 billion+ probabilistic profiles and reducing operational burden in the process.
Calin Dragomir
Adobe | Computer Scientist

Phillip Pham
Zeta Global | Sr. Director, Engineering
Build Data Apps and Data ProductsThis looks awesome. I hope the content is as good as it looks. I actually like these type of sessions if they get nto the right level of detail. I would guess this is more for an Advanced Snowflake practictioner.
3212:15:00 PMHP + ThoughtSpot: How to Use Search & AI to Unleash the True Value from Snowflake DataTo maximize the value of your cloud investment, you need a modern analytics front end that is uniquely architected to take advantage of Snowflake’s world-class performance, elasticity, and speed. Search-&-AI-driven analytics from ThoughtSpot offers a familiar, easy-to-use experience to let anyone in your business get instant answers to any data question.
Join this session with Juergen Kallinger, HP’s Director of Business Intelligence, and Sean Zinsmeister, ThoughtSpot’s VP of Product Marketing, to learn how HP is leveraging smarter, faster self-service analytics across its data to drive value for stakeholders in multiple lines of business and, ultimately, to deliver a better customer experience.
Juergen Kallinger
HP | Director of Business Intelligence

Sean Zinsmeister
ThoughtSpot | VP of Product Marketing
3312:15:00 PMEase of Performance: Best Practices Using the Latest Performance Features with SnowflakeSnowflake offers a variety of automatic performance features that minimize the burden of manually tuning workloads. This session will review Snowflake’s latest features and describe when and how to use those features to improve the query performance, concurrency, and overall efficiency of workloads running in Snowflake. Additionally, this section will cover the improvements being developed to enable new workloads in Snowflake.Andrew Meyendorff
Snowflake | Senior Product Manager

Artin Avanes
Snowflake | Director of Product Management

Bharath Sitaraman
Snowflake | Senior Product Manager
Migrating to SnowflakeI love performance tweaking so this should be interesting. More for advanced and intermediate proficiency of Snowflake.
3412:15:00 PMDomino's Pizza Enterprises Limited's Journey to the Data CloudDomino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited is known worldwide for one thing: listening to their customers. The results are clear in the pizzas they deliver every day, and the near fanatical following they have developed. But, behind every success story there is an army of people contributing to it. In this session, Snowflake’s GVP of EMEA, Ali Tierney, will interview Michael Gillespie, Group Chief Digital and Technology Officer for Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited. You’ll hear how Snowflake is helping Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited become even more customer obsessed, and deliver the highest quality pizza in the shortest amount of time. What’s more, you’ll see how Snowflake’s data cloud is preparing the Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited’s organisation for the future.Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited is known worldwide for one thing: listening to their customers. The results are clear in the pizzas they deliver every day, and the near fanatical following they have developed.Ali Tierney
Snowflake | GVP, EMEA

Michael Gillespie
Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited | Group…
HeadlineWell, I don't know about you but I love pizza. I hate to admit it but I'm probably a long time Domino's loyalty customer but to be fair their systems SUCK!!! For loyalty. When I get that notice that I have a free pizza I want to throw it back at them because its harder to order it than its worth. Also, Dominos --- um - I have like 5 different complaints in that NO ONE EVER EVER ANSWERS - why even have a place people can respond. Just say.... WE don't care about you Customer!
***to be fair - there pizza is way better in the last 2-3 years when they changed the recipe.
3512:15:00 PMConquer Your Data Mountain with Slalom’s Modern Culture of Data FrameworkIf it feels impossible to reach your data peak, let Slalom’s Modern Culture of Data framework be your guide. Slalom has teamed with Snowflake to help customers ascend a mountain of data and achieve a culture of experimentation and innovation, where everyone can and does use data to make decisions. This session will cover the different “data mountains” organizations face and how Slalom’s Modern Culture of Data framework is necessary to climb these mountains. You’ll hear from The Hartford about how Slalom and Snowflake are helping them reach their own data summit.
Attendees will walk away with an understanding of:
*The different challenges data leaders and data consumers are facing
*How to assess the data culture maturity of their own organization
*The framework needed to overcome their challenges
*Specific solutions to achieving a successful, data-driven culture
Brian Scott
The Hartford | Head of HR Data & Analytics

Hilary Feier
Slalom | Managing Director, Data & Analyti…
Industry Solutions SpotlightAgain, I hate to promote another consulting player but "sometimes" Slalom actually has good content. Then again its overriden by the arrogance of most of the people that work at the company from my experience. They are the Local SI that is more just like all the other GSIs but doesn't have the people or power to execute huge implementations. They think they are different and more nimble but they are mostly all the same. Hi spend for limited value which is ALWAYS i mean ALWAYS dependent on the people on the project. No processes will solve for incompetent consultants. To be fair, I have friends that work at Slalom and they are good engineers. I guess a lifetime of competing against them and their hit and miss solutions has left me with my viewpoint. All I know is Snowflake Marketing loves them and does Moonshots, etc. but in 2018 Slalom wouldn't give Snowflake the time of day. They were too busy rolling out shitty AWS Redshift and Azure non-scalable solutions.
3612:15:00 PMBuilding a Tightly Governed Data Cloud with Snowflake and InformaticaEvery organization has a goal to be data-driven. To succeed at digital transformation, companies have realized they need to modernize their existing data warehouses and data lakes—as well as build new ones on a modern cloud data platform like Snowflake. But it’s not enough just to load data onto your cloud data platform. You need to identify the data that will help you make the biggest gains early, bring that data into Snowflake, and then manage and govern it effectively. Join this session to learn how joint customers are using Informatica’s AI-driven cloud-native data integration and management solutions to help accelerate the migration of data at scale into Snowflake, and how they are designing strong governance and quality control into the Snowflake cloud data platform.Rodrigo Sanchez Bredee
Informatica | Senior Director, Strategic E…
Modernize Your Data Lake, Deliver Data Engineering at ScaleNo opinion here except my initial take on anything that Informatica does will be incredibly expensive.
3712:15:00 PMAccelerate Your AI and ML Adoption with AWS and SnowflakeJoin Ian Swanson, Director of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at AWS, to learn how Snowflake and AWS are bringing some of the world's largest enterprises into the Data Cloud. AWS has been one of Snowflake's longest-standing partners, and companies across financial services, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and other sectors are choosing AWS and Snowflake to bring industry-changing AI products and services to market.Ian Swanson
AWS | Director of Artificial Intelligence …
Unlock The Value of the Data CloudThis should be good. If for nothing else its hilarious to see how Snowflake works with its biggest partners. The 3 behemoth cloud vendors that would take your soul from you. Co-opetition seems to me one of the dumbes business practices but how do you even deal with it? ITs great to have some people advocating for snowflake from their 3 biggest partners but then by Wednesday 80% of the salesreps at GCP, MSFT Azure, and AWS will be backstabbing snowflake even though there systems cannot outperform it. Truth and Lies. You as a customer ave to guess at them.
3812:30:00 PMDemocratizing AI and Advanced Analytics with Dataiku x SnowflakeDemocratization of data science across the enterprise and tools that put data into the hands of the many and not just the elite few (like data scientists or even analysts) means that companies are using more data in more ways than ever before. In this session, Florian Douetteau, Co-founder and CEO of Dataiku and Benoit Dageville, Co-founder & President, Product at Snowflake will share how to leverage AI and advanced analytics without more data scientists.Benoit Dageville
Snowflake | Co-founder & President, Produc...

Florian Douetteau
Dataiku | Co-founder and CEO
HeadlineI don't have an opinion on this one. I haven't dug into Dataiku enough. Anything with Benoit though has potential! It’s the groovy French accent that makes him partially interesting to listen to. Plus he must be one of the top experts in all of database architecture. Where is Thierry though at this summit? Did they give him time off?
3912:35:00 PMImproving Customer Experience and Supplier Transparency with the Data CloudCustomer success and sales functions at high-tech companies are quite complex. Customer touchpoints include direct sales, partners, vendors, resellers, and many other channels of interaction. At the same time, many high-tech companies have complex product portfolios including hardware, embedded systems, licensed software, SaaS, services, and more. As a result of this complexity, managing customer experience and supplier transparency remains a challenge for most high-tech firms. In this session, learn from Capgemini on:
*How leaders leverage the Data Cloud to improve growth and collaboration with partners
*Best practice playbooks for mobilizing your data to drive business initiatives
*Real-life stories about transformations from the high-tech sector
Goutham Belliappa
Capgemini | Vice President for Data & AI, ...

Steve Jones
Capgemini | Chief Data Architect - Group P…
Industry Solutions SpotlightI don't know a ton of people from Capgemini so I'm going to pass with thoughts on this. Again, just another consulting - hit or miss - you never know.
4012:45:00 PMStreamlining Data Science with SnowflakeData science and machine learning (ML) are revolutionizing how organizations make business and product decisions, and how they retain and attract new customers.
But data science isn’t easy. It requires fast access to all of an organization's data, powerful data engineering capabilities, and support for an ever-expanding ecosystem of ML tools, frameworks, and libraries.
In this session, Snowflake product leaders will demonstrate how Snowflake streamlines the data science process by:

Managing all types of data for ML
Enabling data pipelines with custom code beyond SQL
Operationalizing ML
Orchestrating data science resources outside of Snowflake
Integrating directly with data science partners
(external functions, Java UDF, Unstructured data management)
Ahmad Khan
Snowflake | Principal Data Platform Archit...

Torsten Grabs
Snowflake | Director of Product Management
Supercharge Your Analytics and Data ScienceOkay. I'm going to try and make this one. Again, I'm biased because I have worked with Ahmad on a few engagements and he knows his stuff. He usually has great presentations and while Snowflake needs a lot of work to do in order to take on Data Science workloads maybe he will teach me new things I'm unaware of.
***Also, Torsten is one of the most knowledgeable people at Snowflake. One of the hidden gems that not everyone knows about. Anything he is involved with is usually good and explained well.
4112:45:00 PMGrow your Career with a SnowPro CertificationJoyce Avila, Data Superhero and GROUP BY speaker, will explain how getting SnowPro Certified can help you grow professionally. She will also share a few simple steps to help you ace the exam.Joyce Avila
Snowflake | Certified Snowflake SnowPro Co…
Mobilizing Your Data with Our Data SuperheroesNo opinion here. Already got mine back in January. Its like any other assessment test to me. I'm somewhat disenfranchised with the entire bullshit of certification. As someone who worked at Novell back in 1991 before I went into my commission in the USAF I realized that most of these bullshit certifications are kind of this must have for companies to get people certified on their particular religion. Novell was the inventor of this with the Certified Network Engineer and now we have Certifed everything
***I wrote this befor looking at the presenter. Joyce is another data hero and she is cool. Very nice so if this is an interest of yours then check it out. I would assume this is more for beginner and intermediate. All the advanced people already have this awhile ago.
4212:45:00 PMGoing All-In on the Data CloudJoin executives from companies who are Snowflake customers for a panel discussion about how their businesses are embracing the Data Cloud. The Data Cloud is unlocking new ways of delivering products and services to customers, coordinating across supply chains, and collaborating across global businesses. Join these innovators for a discussion of their journey from joining the Data Cloud to going “all- in,” and see their vision for how the Data Cloud will transform their industries.Andrew Parry
Office Depot | VP IT Application Developme...

Kyle Rourke
Snowflake | VP of Platform Strategy

Mark Stange-Tregear
Rakuten Rewards | VP, Analytics
Unlock The Value of the Data CloudOffice Depot has been an early adopter of Snowflake. They presented at many webinars and at the conference last year. This should be good. See if it applies to you.
***Plus - Kyle Rourke is always interesting
4312:45:00 PMEmbedded Analytics at JAGGAER: Foundational, Advanced and Augmented AnalyticsImagine how much more powerful your product would be with embedded dashboards powered by the industry-leading analytics platform and cloud data platform providers. With Tableau’s embedded analytics capabilities and Snowflake’s cloud data platform, you can bring that vision and your product to life. Join Tableau and Snowflake to see how companies are quickly and easily enhancing their products with analytics that their customers want.
This session will include real-life examples of how customers have embedded visual self-service analytics into their applications to gain a competitive advantage, provide a more engaging customer experience, and create new revenue streams.
Graeme Wiggins
JAGGAER | Analytics Product Manager

Kyle Harvey
Tableau | Embedded Analytics Account Execu…
Build Data Apps and Data ProductsThis session sounds awesome. I'm going to try and check it out. Even though I'm more of a fan of Sigma than Tableau but they are really different use cases at this point.
4412:45:00 PMData Drivers: Snowflake's Award Winning CustomersSnowflake’s annual Data Drivers Award winners represent individuals and organizations using data-driven strategies to innovate, expand business value, and deliver enhanced customer experiences. Join this session to meet eight of the Snowflake Data Drivers Award winners and hear about their Snowflake implementations and award-winning data-driven initiatives.Elise Bergeron
Snowflake | Vice President, Product Market…
HeadlineThis is just a let's recognize my customers that every vendor has to do now. Hey, its cool and effective but for intermediate and advanced practictioners I think there is a better way to spend your time. You never know though - sometimes you learn about a different use case that really applies to you.
4512:45:00 PMBuilding for Resilience on Snowflake with DTCCFrom identifying threats to recovering from failures, business continuity ensures the business can function even when conditions change. This session will focus on business continuity in Snowflake for high availability and durability and show how companies like DTCC rely on Snowflake as part of their business continuity plans. In addition, the session will include a showcase of Snowflake with a demo of cross-cloud, cross-region replication.Arjun Puri
DTCC | Director of Risk Analytics

Christopher Walsh
DTCC | Executive Director

Sahaj Saini
Snowflake | Senior Product Manager
Migrating to SnowflakeIf you are into Security and the use case for Snowflake with Security then this sounds really good. I just ask Omer all the time what I should do.
If you are interested in Replication then this looks like a good session.
4612:45:00 PMBuilding a Scalable Data Lake Using Amazon S3 and Snowflake at Portland General ElectricEliminating customer friction has been a goal for all teams at Portland General Electric (PGE). Learn how PGE worked to meet that goal by implementing a data lake solution with Amazon S3, AWS DMS, Matillion, Snowflake’s external tables, and Snowpipe. The solution became a center of excellence across all business units at PGE and delivered a scalable architecture with reusable code, less maintenance, and valuable data sharing.Aravind Murugesh
PGE | Principal Data Architect
Modernize Your Data Lake, Deliver Data Engineering at ScaleNo opinion now. Looks kind of interesting.
4712:55:00 PMHarnessing Data to Transform How Medicines Are Developed, Commercialized, and ReimbursedThe life sciences industry is under tremendous pressure from declining R&D productivity, mounting pricing pressures, and an increasing demand for evidence. Life science organizations are developing new capabilities to manage and analyze the growing amount of digital health data generated by the healthcare ecosystem to inform key decisions across the product life cycle. Join this session to learn about emerging trends in the use of digital health data and the evolution of advanced analytics and technology platforms.Jeffrey Morgan
Deloitte Consulting LLP | Managing Directo…
Industry Solutions SpotlightHey - I have one of my best friends from High School that is from Deloitte so I'm not going to diss this. You never know it might be good.
481:00:00 PMSnowflake on SnowflakeIn the software industry, “Drinking your own champagne” is a common expression that means “use the products you develop.” But most companies don’t. They may know the technology, but they don’t really know how well its features perform. At Snowflake, teams across the organization use Snowflake’s platform, so Snowflake developers receive instant feedback. We learn in a matter of days, not months, what we can improve. Attend this session and listen to Snowflake’s CDIO, Sunny Bedi, discuss the benefits our customers gain by having Snowflake as a technology provider and as a fellow Snowflake customer.Sunny Bedi
Snowflake | Chief Data & Information Offic…
HeadlineI haven't met Suni yet. Looks like he came from NVIDIA. This maybe an interesting session.
491:15:00 PMSolving for Agility: Achieving Flexibility and Performance Through Your Data Cloud MigrationHow can you make the most of Snowflake and the Data Cloud? How do you translate a business outcome into a migration implementation plan and pull it off flawlessly? Bret Greenstein, Global Head of Cognizant’s Artificial Intelligence and Analytics practice, and Anil Nagaraj, Head of Cognizant’s Data Guild, will draw on Cognizant’s considerable experience executing migrations to Snowflake from across a variety of platforms and industries. They will profile three business scenarios, detail best practices, and show how you can decrease risk, accelerate processes, and reliably deliver business results in your migration to Snowflake. This dynamic discussion will be geared for both business-oriented, CXO-level audiences and technically inclined IT professionals.Anil Nagaraj
Cognizant | Associate Vice President of An...

Bret Greenstein
Cognizant | Senior Vice President and Glob…
Migrating to SnowflakeAnother consulting firm presentation. Oh wow. Like I said - I might have been doing this so you never know?
501:15:00 PMOffice Depot: Customer 360 and SegmentationThe enterprise data and intelligence team at Office Depot has built a world class analytics and data science practice on top of the Snowflake Data Cloud. At the core of their success are three guiding principles:
Data is for Everyone
*Provide Self Service Access to All Data Types for All Workloads
*Offer a Single Source of Truth with Governed KPIs
*See how Tim Nelson and Ranjith Chalasani, who each have over a decade at Office Depot, built a high performance analytics solution enabling customer segmentation, product propensity scoring, customer churn and lifetime value models, online product recommendations, and more.
Ranjith Chalasani
Office Depot | Sr. Director - Advanced Ana...

Tim Nelson
Office Depot | Director of Enterprise Data…
Supercharge Your Analytics and Data ScienceThis looks interesting to me.
511:15:00 PMMobilizing Data for Marketing - Transforming the Role of the CMOThe Data Cloud transforms the way companies do business, and allows them to mobilize their data to drive massive business impact. This is especially true in the marketing department. Over the last 10 years, the number of data silos that CMOs must wrangle has proliferated, but meanwhile they have been held to more and more analytic scrutiny -- CMOs must be fluent in their customer data, and be able to prove their worth and ROI to the board room.Denise Persson
Snowflake | Chief Marketing Officer

Laura Langdon
Wipro | Chief Marketing Officer

Scott Holden
ThoughtSpot | Chief Marketing Officer
HeadlineThoughtspot is an interesting product. This maybe worth some time. Then again the people presenting are pretty high level.
521:15:00 PMLeveraging the Data Cloud to Add New Revenue StreamsUsing Snowflake as your data platform is great, but what if you could also leverage the power of Snowflake to generate new revenue streams? This panel discussion will highlight monetization strategies behind using Snowflake to help build solutions that enable your customers to access their data. If you want to unlock the hidden value of your data assets and learn how others have successfully built apps that monetize data assets, this session is for you.Dan Robinson
Heap | CTO

Guy Cuthbert
Atheon | CEO & CTO

James Beecham
ALTR | CTO & Co-Founder

Prasanna Krishnan
Snowflake | Director, Product Management
Build Data Apps and Data ProductsI'm biased. I love the Data Marketplace so I want to see what this will be about. Prassana is great too and works so hard to improve it over the last 1.5 years.
531:15:00 PMHow SafeGraph and Snowflake Enabled Volta Charging to Dramatically Increase Partner VisibilityVolta created the largest publicly accessible and free electric vehicle charging network through the digital, place-based media platform embedded in their stations. This allows its brand and real estate partners to reach high-value audiences in historically unavailable locations, while simultaneously driving a mission of sustainability forward. Join Eric Kung, Head of Research & Data Insights, to learn how Volta leveraged SafeGraph data via Snowflake to enhance its data strategy, power over 75 million free miles of electric driving, and draw 5X the number of visits to partner properties compared to other charging networks.Eric Kung
Volta | Director of Research and Data Insi...

Jonathan Wolf
SafeGraph | VP of Partnerships
Industry Solutions SpotlightLooks interesting. I do not know presenters.
541:15:00 PMDriving Business Impact through the Data CloudJoin Nitin Mittal, Principal from Deloitte, for a discussion about the business value that you can unlock with the Data Cloud. Deloitte and Snowflake together help companies mobilize their data, and are seeing an acceleration in new innovative solutions being developed across industries. Join Nitin to hear how the Data Cloud is powering a new wave of artificial intelligence applications, and hear about your industry peers that are leading the way.Nitin Mittal
Deloitte Consulting LLP | Principal
Unlock The Value of the Data CloudNo opinion.
551:15:00 PMDesigning the Perfect Cloud Data Lake with Alation’s Data CatalogWhen Texas Mutual Insurance decided to move to the cloud, Snowflake was the clear choice both for its performance and cost-effectiveness. But, designing their data platform was less clear. Rather than assuming what business users would need, Texas Mutual leveraged Alation’s data catalog to understand how data was being used, using those insights to create their cloud data platform with the most trusted, relevant data. Learn how Alation’s data catalog enabled Texas Mutual to pinpoint exactly what data to migrate, which attributes were important, and who the power users were—creating a data platform with Snowflake that caters to the use cases that matter most to the business.Anthony Seraphim
Texas Mutual Insurance Company | VP Data G…
Modernize Your Data Lake, Deliver Data Engineering at ScaleInterested in Alation - then I'd check this out.
561:15:00 PMData Sharing Made SimpleTune in to this session to hear Felipe Hoffa, Data Cloud Advocate and Stephanie Stillman, Senior Product Manager chat about the basics of data sharing, what makes Snowflake’s Data Sharing architecture so unique, and walk through some of the most popular data sets in Snowflake Data Marketplace. Learn all about secure functions, data masking, and data replication to new clouds and regions. You will leave this session with a clear understanding of how data sharing works, what data sharing tools are available to you in Snowflake, and next steps to get started.Felipe Hoffa
Snowflake | Data Cloud Advocate

Stephanie Stillman
Snowflake | Senior Product Manager
Mobilizing Your Data with Our Data SuperheroesData Sharing is one of my favorite features of Snowflake. Looking forward to checking this out.
571:30:00 PMData Cloud Catalysts - Women in TechJoin us for a powerhouse discussion with three female executives who have been driving transformations with data throughout their careers. Drawing from decades of experience, these leaders will share their personal journeys of delivering impact with data while accelerating their careers and organizations.Lisa Davis
Blue Shield of California | SVP & CIO

Lisa Scuzzo
Snowflake | Snowflake Ambassador & Co-Anch...

Nishita Henry
Deloitte Consulting LLP | Chief Innovation...

Teresa Briggs
Snowflake | Board Member
HeadlineWomen in tech. Love it.
581:35:00 PMA Spreadsheet Experience at Snowflake Scale: Empower Business Teams to Find Their Own AnswersJoin Sigma Computing CEO Mike Palmer to learn how BI teams can deliver the power, security, and governance of Snowflake to your entire company. Hear real-world examples from high-tech, high-growth companies like Yesware and Clover Networks and learn how to enable business teams to run complex analyses live on Snowflake, including marketing campaign attribution and general ledger reconciliation, to find answers on their own and make better decisions faster. Sigma Computing CTO and Co-Founder Rob Woollen will then demonstrate how Sigma matches the performance and scale of Snowflake to join multiple data sources, curate large data sets, and analyze billions of rows—without writing a single line of code.Mike Palmer
Sigma Computing | CEO

Rob Woollen
Sigma Computing | CTO, Co-Founder
Industry Solutions SpotlightI'm biased become I'm following and partnering with Sigma closely. Ever since I know that the original main investor - *** who just made billions on Snowflake is such a proponent and investor. Plus, we actually designed automated marketing templates for them - see this here - it is some cool stuff. Plus - Rob Woolen is a super smart and nice guy.
591:45:00 PMThe State of Data and its Impact on Modern BusinessJoin us for a fireside chat with Aimee Irwin, Experian Marketing Services Vice President of Strategy, and Matt Glickman, Snowflake Vice President of Customer & Product Strategy, as they discuss the state of data and its impact on modern businesses.Aimee Irwin
Experian | VP Strategy, Experian Marketing...

Matt Glickman
Snowflake | Vice President of Customer & P…
HeadlineThis should be interesting. If you are interested in the future of the Data Marketplace then check this out. Or see my comments on Fireside chat above. Ha ha.
601:45:00 PMSnowflake Data Superheroes: OriginsThis will be a sneak peek at our latest series, Data Superheroes: Origins. This video series showcases some of Snowflake’s most engaged Data Superheroes on a personal level, establishing a sense of connection between viewers and the Snowflake Community.Guy Adams
Datalytx | CTO

Kent Graziano
Snowflake | Chief Technical Evangelist
Mobilizing Your Data with Our Data SuperheroesKent is cool and knowledgeable. He does slightly more advocacy for Snowflake than me. If you are interested in this type of thing then check it out.
611:45:00 PMNew Features for Data Governance in SnowflakeTo gain consumer trust and ensure regulatory compliance, getting data security and governance right is crucial to your data strategy. This session will describe how to manage your critical data assets with Snowflake. It will show you how to mask sensitive data, restrict access to rows based on roles access, and track sensitive information using tags for better policy enforcement.Clarke Patterson
Sr. Director, Product Marketing

Raja Balakrishnan
Snowflake | Senior Product Manager
Migrating to SnowflakeData Governance interested people. Check it out.
621:45:00 PMModern Data Lake Design PatternsData Lake has been a critical strategy of modern architecture design. Over the years, the design of data lakes has evolved and led to innovative ways for organizations to adopt and benefit. In this panel discussion, we invited some of the industry’s most leading-edge companies to discuss with us why and how they have adopted different data lake designs in the cloud, and what Snowflake’s role is in their architecture. You will hear from the architecture leaders at Airlines Reporting Corporation and AthenaHealth about their different approaches and strategies.David T. Meeks
AthenaHealth | Senior Architect, Data Lake

Dinesh Kulkarni
Snowflake | Principal Product Manager

Hua Ye
AthenaHealth | Director of Product Managem...

Mostafa Ghazi
Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) | Sol…
Modernize Your Data Lake, Deliver Data Engineering at ScaleIf you have questions on Data Lake this will be a good session for you. My preference is the SnowLake but I've only implemented a few of them and there are pros/cons.
631:45:00 PMDataiku: Bringing Data Science to LifeMoving data science projects from design to deployment requires a variety of technical skills and tools. As more people in different roles participate, the potential for delay and miscommunication increases. Collaboration and communication between all project stakeholders is key.
This session, will showcase a model for collaborating on data science projects using Snowflake and Dataiku DSS. You will discover how democratization of data use outside of so-called “traditional” data-centric roles—such as analyst, data scientist, or engineer—can create seamless project collaboration from data access to modeling using machine learning techniques. This session will include:

*The state of data science
*How data science can help you
*The Dataiku and Snowflake value proposition
Michelle Lee
Dataiku | Data Scientist
Supercharge Your Analytics and Data ScienceData Science Track here. It maybe interesting.
641:45:00 PMData Evolution: A Progression to the Data CloudJoin Michael Gold, a researcher from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), to take a closer look at data's evolution to the cloud and learn about a global study they are conducting with technology decision makers across industries. The insights and visibility that data provides can prove a game-changer in the race to gain a competitive advantage and reap bottom-line value. Those insights can accelerate an entire industry’s development, elevating it to a level of sophistication that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago, and leading to increased customer satisfaction. At the same time, data can be a slippery asset, difficult to work with in many instances and subject to any number of caveats and restrictions. As new models of data utilization, integration, and exchange emerge, industries will be pushed to evolve their thinking from “data warehousing” to “data cloud” if they want data to contribute to the next stage of corporate competitiveness.Michael Gold
Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) | Managi…
Unlock The Value of the Data CloudThis looks really interesting. I'm going to try and catch this one.
651:45:00 PMPowering Proprietary Models and Platforms with S&P Global Data and SnowflakeJoin us as David Coluccio, Managing Director, Data Management Solutions at S&P Global Market Intelligence, sits down with Noel Calhoun, Chief Technology Officer at Interos, to discuss how Interos is utilizing the power of S&P Global data via Snowflake to fuel their Business Relationship Intelligence Platform. During this presentation you’ll hear firsthand how Interos is streamlining their processes, feeding their machine learning models, building risk factors, and creating advanced visualizations to provide real-time risk awareness for manufacturing, federal agencies, financial services, insurance organizations and more. Additionally, you will learn how Interos is utilizing S&P Global’s Kensho Link, a machine learning-based solution build to reduce manual processes associated with data linking, to companies such as Interos to improve efficiencies and help solve the challenges associated with linking big data.David Coluccio
S&P Global Market Intelligence | Managing ...

Noel Calhoun
Interos | Chief Technology Officer
Build Data Apps and Data ProductsThis looks really interesting. Looks like it is more for advanced practictioners
662:00:00 PMEcosystems: Powering the Next Generation of Innovation in the CloudFor decades the technology industry has been powered by great products. The cloud introduced a new type of platform that trumped point products. The next generation of cloud platforms will unlock data-centric ecosystems where access to data is at the core of innovation, tapping the resources of many versus the capabilities of one.Casey McGee
Microsoft | VP Global ISV Sales

Colleen Kapase
Snowflake | VP Global Alliances
HeadlineAnother co-opetitor presentation.