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What is Snowgrid?

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What is Snowgrid within Snowflake?

Micaela Mengen Answered question September 21, 2021

Collaborating on a single copy of data has never been easier. Snowgrid is the perfect platform that allows you to discover and share data between teams, allowing for instant access to up-to-date information. The platform has built in governance controls and policies that follow the data, allowing for secure access and regulation across employees. The cross-cloud connectivity allows businesses to operate quickly and efficiently, creating a better customer experience as a result. Unlock more value from your data today!

Micaela Mengen Answered question September 21, 2021

Snowgrid is a platform where you can share and collaborate easily without ETL, and all with a single copy of your data! Break down data silos to instantly access data. Discover and share governed data between teams, business units, partners, customers, and more.
It comes with sophisticated cross-cloud governance controls and flexible policies to ensure Snowflake’s modern data sharing and collaboration is secure. Policies follow the data to simplify governance at scale, while unlocking more value from even sensitive and regulated data.
Maintain new levels of business continuity with cross-cloud and cross-region connectivity, so you can operate without disruption and deliver better customer experiences. Comply with regional and industry data regulations so you can operate locally and globally to grow and serve your business.
Discover and access the most relevant data at your fingertips with Snowflake Data Marketplace. Enrich your insights with third-party data, connect with thousands of Snowflake customers, and extend your workflows with data services and third-party functions.

Micaela Mengen Answered question September 10, 2021

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