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What do you need to do to setup fail-safe in Snowflake?

Gisele Casillas Answered question January 4, 2022

Fail-safe is essentially always set up (always working) as a way to help you recover your data in case of any failures within the system. But if you need to restore this data from Fail-safe you would need to create a support ticket/case.

There are two ways to create a support case:
1.The first way is to create a case from the Snowflake UI
a. You can do this by signing up for SnowSupport Public Preview (this can be done by logging in a case with Snowflake Support)
b. Then enable the SnowSupport to your users

2.The second way to create a case is by logging a case from the Snowflake Support Portal
a. You will first go to https://support.snowflake.net
b. On the first page of the site you will scroll down to the “Support” Box and click “Submit a case”
c. Keep in mind that you need to be registered as a user (Make sure you login with your Snowflake Community User info.)
d. Next make sure you are also a Snowflake-enabled user as this will ensure you are directed to the Case Console
e. Once you are at the Case Console you will click on the button that says “New”
f. Then you will complete the form that appears and submit it. You will be able to look back at it with the system-generated case number that will appear after submitting the form
g. Lastly, your case will be listed based on severity and a Snowflake Support engineer will contact you with the next steps.

Gisele Casillas Answered question January 4, 2022